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Vaginal Discharge Color Predicts Vaginitis, Cervicitis or PID

 Normal vaginal discharge for womens health is beneficial because it can play the role of self-purification. However, when more than the amount of vaginal discharge, bad taste, color change or showed a purulent form, the body may be issued a warning, indicating the occurrence of certain gynecological diseases.

Increased vaginal discharge is a common symptom of cervicitis
Increase is the most common vaginal cervicitis, and sometimes the only symptom. Increased vaginal discharge, turbidity, showing purulent or mixed with blood, and urinary symptoms such as urinary frequency , urgency, and so is the cervicitis and cervical erosion of the typical symptoms.
Cervicitis, cervical erosion treatment by medical diagnosis to rule out sub- cervical precancerous lesions and early cancer. As a chronic disease, how to choose effective treatment? Of the sea is a tool developed in recent years minimally invasive technique used to one-time diagnosis and treatment of cervical disease expertise. As a non-invasive treatment, ultrasound can be launched in vitro have gathered through the soft tissue within the lesion to cervical tissue, due to the strong focus on parts of the energy storage product, the protein nature and cause irreversible cell necrosis of diseased tissue, promoters into the tissue reconstruction, improve microcirculation, to achieve the purpose of destruction of lesions, and cervical surrounding tissue is not damaged.
To standardize the treatment of vaginitis
Increased vaginal discharge, yellow or yellow-green, pus-like smell, a foam, or curd-like, severe vaginal discharge can be mixed with blood, should first consider whether the possibility of vaginitis.
The treatment of vaginitis with "clear irradiation, drug intervention, the overall conditioning," the principle of full utilization of oral medicine for external use, local irrigation, combined with microwave, laser, spectroscopy, ion spray and other high-tech combination therapy, eliminate inflammation, vaginal area to promote blood circulation, repair damaged tissue, promoting regeneration of new cells.
Need to be reminded that: suffering from vaginitis, must be under the guidance of professional doctors to take the right medication, not to self-medication. At the same time, a direct result of vaginitis can be spread through sexual intercourse, so the husband and wife should be a common treatment. There are many female friends had vaginitis, reluctant to hospital treatment, buy their own washing vaginal washing, the result not only did not cure, but turned into a plastic basin inflammation. The doctor called: vaginitis patients, must be standardized in time to the regular hospital treatment.
Pelvic inflammatory disease to be cured by Chinese or western medicine
The amount of vaginal discharge pelvic inflammatory disease usually presents too much, or sticky, such as pus, or a thin water-like, or odor, itching , burning perineal pain and backache petrified, small abdominal distension and pain and other symptoms. Acute pelvic inflammatory disease also often cold fever , fever and other symptoms, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in addition to abnormal vaginal discharge, most have stimulating infertility, irregular menstruation, abdominal dull pain and other symptoms.
Pelvic inflammatory disease should be based on the pelvic easy to attack specific bacteria, into the characteristics of hard drugs, combined with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, drug treatment and physical therapy combined with systemic and local treatment of drug combination therapy. Combination of various physical antimicrobial anti-inflammatory treatment, to kill pathogens and inflammatory cells, enhance the immune system. At the same time targeted use of Chinese herbal formula, the "washing, dressing, cans, clothes," an organic combination of the elimination of inflammation, while the physical and mental health symptoms, and Kant to the modulating.