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Counting The Significant Factors of Ectopic Pregnancy, Are You One of Them?

Giving birth to a new life is holy and happy, but not all women can experience this beautiful process as they wish. Some mothers are pregnant, but because of the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy and fetal arrest, In the end, they are not able to successfully become a mother.

Do you know what causes ectopic pregnancy?
1. Chronic tubal inflammation
There are two types of the disease, one is tubal mucositis, and the other is perisalpingitis. Severe tubal mucositis can lead to complete blockage of the fallopian tubes, resulting in infertility. Mild tubal mucositis can lead to tubal adhesions or cilia defects, which hinder the fertilized egg's walking and eventually lead to the fertilized egg's implantation in the fallopian tube, resulting in ectopic pregnancy.
2. The fertilized egg wanders
After the egg and sperm are combined in the fallopian tube, they pass through the uterine or abdominal cavity into the opposite fallopian tube. Suppose the moving speed is too slow during this period. In that case, the fertilized egg will grow too large and eventually cannot enter the uterus through the fallopian tube and then implant in the fallopian tube, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy.
3. Repeated abortions
Abortion is harmful to women's uterus, making the lining of the uterus thinner and thinner. In this way, the environment in the uterus will no longer be suitable for embryo development, so that the embryo will be transferred to other places for implantation, and ectopic pregnancy happens naturally.
4. Abnormal fallopian tubes
Whether it is tubal dysplasia or tubal malformation, it will lead to a decline in the transport function of the fallopian tube, failing the fallopian tube to send the fertilized egg to the uterine cavity smoothly. As a result, the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy—common tubal abnormalities, such as double tubal orifice, spiral, and so on.
5. Previous condition of ectopic pregnancy
People who have had an ectopic pregnancy are much more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy than the average person. Ectopic pregnancy surgery will severely damage the peristalsis and mucosal function of the fallopian tubes, so when you are pregnant again, you are more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy.
6. Decreased immunity
Studies have found that women who have the habit of smoking have a much lower immune capacity than ordinary people. After the immunity is weakened, the uterus, fallopian tubes, and pelvic cavity are susceptible to infection, which can affect the function of the fallopian tubes and ultimately slow down the delivery of fertilized eggs. In this way, the fertilized egg will not be able to pass through the fallopian line because it is too large and can only implant in the fallopian tube, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy.
An ectopic pregnancy can produce a range of symptoms, such as irregular vaginal bleeding, prolonged periods, etc. Women should pay enough attention when these symptoms appear and go to the hospital for examination in time. For these symptoms caused by common chronic salpingitis, patients can select the Herbal medicine Fuyan Pills to eliminate symptoms and inflammation. It eliminates all kinds of bacteria and infections that cause inflammation, and it will not cause harm to the body.
In addition, if you suspect you are pregnant, you must go to the hospital for examination to avoid ectopic pregnancy without knowing it. During the examination, if the embryo and gestational sac cannot be seen on the ultrasound, there is a high possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.
If the test result is not convincing enough, then laparoscopy is necessary. It can see the situation inside and outside the uterine cavity. Early detection of an ectopic pregnancy can prevent more serious harm to women. When the fallopian tubes are not ruptured and the gestational sac is less than three centimeters, it can be treated with medication, and surgery is not required. But if it is found late, surgery is required.
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