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Stop Believing Three Tumors on Dysmenorrhea Treatment

Every day, all kinds of women come to the hospital, including young girls, single virgins with no boyfriends, mothers who have given birth to two babies, etc. Their lives are different, but they came to the hospital for the same problem: dysmenorrhea. Although the pain caused by dysmenorrhea is the same, the cause of dysmenorrhea is different.

Two Types of Dysmenorrhea: Primary Dysmenorrhea and Secondary Dysmenorrhea.
Primary dysmenorrhea does not have organic lesions of the reproductive organs, but the stomach is painful. This type of dysmenorrhea accounts for more than 90 percent of dysmenorrhea.
Current research believes that the leading cause of primary dysmenorrhea is prostaglandin secretion (PG) in the endometrium during menstruation.
It can cause strong contraction of uterine smooth muscle and vasospasm, making our uterus in a state of ischemia and hypoxia, which makes it more painful.
Moreover, the increased endometrial prostaglandins enter the blood circulation, affecting the whole body and even causing symptoms in the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, mental stress can also exacerbate pain to some extent.
Another type of dysmenorrhea is secondary dysmenorrhea, which is dysmenorrhea caused by pelvic organic diseases. Common causes are endometriosis, adenomyosis, chronic pelvic inflammation, and uterine-vaginal developmental malformations.
Stop Believing Three Tumors on Dysmenorrhea Treatment
As for the treatment of dysmenorrhea, there are always so many rumors that mislead women:
1. If You Have Dysmenorrhea, You Will Get Rid of It By Having a Baby!
Some women have relieved dysmenorrhea after giving birth, but that's because vaginal birth dilates the narrow cervical canal, allowing menstrual blood to flow more smoothly. Or the original incorrect position of the uterus is corrected after childbirth, so the dysmenorrhea disappears. But, in fact, the improvement of dysmenorrhea after giving birth does not happen to every woman and is actually a random occurrence. Unless you do have a birth plan, there is no need to have a baby just to treat dysmenorrhea.
2. Brown Sugar Treats Dysmenorrhea and Replenishes Blood!
If you drink a cup of warm brown sugar water when having a painful period, the sweet taste can make you feel more comfortable psychologically. That's because the warmth accelerates blood circulation. Heat application to the stomach has a similar function. But brown sugar cannot fundamentally treat dysmenorrhea, nor will it replenish blood. Of course, if you really like this drink, you can drink it during your periods. Just be careful not to drink too much as excessive sugar and calories are unhealthy for your body.
3. Take Painkillers for Dysmenorrhea!
Painkillers will help when dysmenorrhea first begins. However, in the subsequent dysmenorrhea, as the pain becomes stronger, you will need an increased amount of painkillers, and their effects become less and less effective. The more painkillers you take, the more resistant your body becomes, and the more unavoidable the side effects will occur. Many patients have taken a lot of painkillers and ruined their stomachs. Pain medications are only a palliative medicine and cannot fundamentally solve women's problems caused by Qi stagnation and blood stasis.
So, how exactly should dysmenorrhea be treated? The first thing to do is to go to an authoritative hospital for an examination to understand your cause of dysmenorrhea. If the dysmenorrhea is caused by endometriosis or chronic pelvic inflammation, the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used for treatment. 
The herbal ingredients such as safflower, angelica, costustoot, and peach kernel in Fuyan Pill have the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting Qi and relieving pain. It can help patients reduce the symptoms of local swelling and pain. Although dysmenorrhea is not a terminal disease, it will be more difficult to be cured if left untreated for a long time. Early treatment will help you get rid of the pain of dysmenorrhea earlier!
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