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Lower Back Pain is a Disaster! Office Ladies Must not Ignore

Lower back pain is a common disease, especially in women. No matter adolescent girls or middle-aged and older women, they have at least one experience of low back pain in their life. Statistics show that the incidence rate of low back pain in women of the same age is generally higher than in men.

What disease can lower back pain be?
1. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
It is the most common cause of low back pain in women. Most of them are caused by acute pelvic inflammation after cesarean section, ovarian cyst resection, or appendicitis without treatment in time. Three significant symptoms characterize them: low back pain, intermittent pain in the lower abdomen, and increased leucorrhea. Low back pain is caused by increased inflammatory exudates, resulting in pelvic adhesions, which seriously affect life and health. Therefore, it is essential to treat diseases early and prevent diseases early.
Doctors usually implement a comprehensive treatment plan according to the specific lesion location and symptom severity. Patients with acute attacks or who wish to preserve their reproductive function are generally treated with antibiotics. At the same time, physiotherapy is carried out to promote blood circulation and facilitate the absorption of inflammation.
Traditional Chinese medicine therapy is safer and more effective for patients with chronic pelvic inflammation than antibiotics because it takes a long time to treat. Fuyan Pill, a traditional Chinese medicine, can help patients to eliminate symptoms and causes and achieve the goal of cure.
Surgical treatment is required for patients with ineffective conservative treatment, obvious clinical symptoms, or repeated acute attacks. The doctor will make the most appropriate surgical plan according to the patient's age, degree of illness, and whether or not there are fertility requirements.
2. Abnormal uterine position
The normal uterus is located in the anteversion position, and the surrounding ligaments move freely. When the uterus is bent back or tilted back, adhesion will be caused by inflammation of the uterus and its surroundings, which will cause tractive low back pain. This situation usually occurs after frequent abortion, childbirth, or other uterine operations. Uterine prolapse or high adhesion in the abdominal cavity can pull the ligament and cause low back pain. There is no particular method to treat this kind of lumbago. Correcting uterine prolapse can relieve the symptoms.
3. Pelvic tumor
It is primarily seen in middle-aged women. Common ones are uterine leiomyoma, cervical cancer, ovarian cyst, etc. Low back pain occurs due to the compression of the nerve by a tumor or the infiltration of cancer cells into pelvic connective tissue. The traction of the peritoneum by the tumor itself can also cause low back pain.
4. Wear high heels for a long time
Wearing high heels for a long time will affect the balance of the lower limbs and reduce the reaction and coordination ability of the whole body. Also, it can cause an acute lumbar sprain. When a sprain occurs, the muscles and ligaments are torn to varying degrees, with slight bleeding, swelling, and even bruises, manifesting as low back pain and bringing great inconvenience to work and life.
5. Sacroiliac joint strain
The sacroiliac joint is composed of the sacroiliac side and bilateral iliac bones. Although it is a synovial joint, the joint surface is staggered, and the strong ligaments are fixed. There is only a small amount of anterior-posterior and rotational movement. A sacroiliac joint sprain is one of the most common causes of low back pain. The endocrine influence of women in the later stage of pregnancy can make the ligaments lose and easy to sprain or long run in the early phase after birth. The clinical manifestations are persistent local pain. The patient does not dare to bear weight, which is aggravated during activities and is difficult to turn over.
6. Lumbar muscle strain
Excessive physical fatigue, abnormal standing and sitting posture, etc., can lead to lumbar muscle strain and cause chronic indistinct pain in the waist. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest at ordinary times.
7. Protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc
This disease is a common cause of low back pain in young and middle-aged women. It is mainly caused by lumbar injury and long-term chronic strain, manifesting as lumbar pain, radiation pain, numbness of lower limbs, etc. The treatment includes bed traction and surgery. 
The above are several cases related to low back pain. If you have the problem of low back pain, you can first analyze which reason you belong to according to the above reasons. Only in this way can you suit the medicine to the case and achieve the purpose of treating low back pain.
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