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White-collar Workers: Is Your Uterus Too Cold To Conceive?

The so-called cold uterus refers to the deficiency of female kidney yang. Palace cold can lead to infertility, but it does not mean that palace cold is necessarily infertility. The main clinical features are cold and pain in the lower abdomen, cold limbs, and abnormal menstruation. It can cause dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, infertility, and other problems and is the main reason for patients to see a doctor.

What habits can lead to a cold uterus among white-collar workers?

1. The clothes are too thin
In summer, women wear fewer clothes. But in the office, it is always 24 ℃ in the four seasons, and the air conditioner is close to you despite the scorching sun. However, at this time, your uterus is suffering from the cold outside. How many calories do you have to withstand such consumption? The cold invades the body unknowingly, and the uterus, a female organ, bears the brunt. The palace cold is not far away.
2. Like to sleep on the desk
Sleeping on the table will unintentionally expose the back waist, and the pores are loose during sleep, so it is easier to be injured by cold evil.
3. Fast slimming
No matter how fast to lose weight by diet, exercise, or taking medicine, the way to lose weight is to make consumption greater than intake, but it must be a long process. If you can achieve the goal of slimming in a short time, you can only use health as the price. Rapid slimming is nothing more than using severe and powerful drugs to expel excess water and fat in the body by abnormal means, which means that the body loses a large amount of energy in a short time. Cold evil can easily take advantage of the weakness and attack the uterus.
4. Love to eat cold drinks
In traditional Chinese medicine, women's physique belongs to Yin, and they should not be greedy. Even in hot summer, cold drinks, iced tea, melons and fruits, and other cold things should not be greedy, not to mention those who hold ice cream all year round. After overeating raw and cold food, these foods will consume Yang Qi in the body, leading to the endogenous cold evil and invading the uterus. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine's guidance on eating cool foods mainly applies to women.
Traditional Chinese medicine recommends that it is best to eat cold food only in the midsummer season and not eat food just taken out of the refrigerator. People who are dry and angry can eat more, but not more—for example, no more than two ice creams a day.
5. Excessive fatigue or emotional changes
Working overtime often can easily lead to physical fatigue, damage to Yang Qi, and lower immunity. Especially when working late, the cold wind is caused at night, and the evil wind "enters the palace."
6. Do not choose the proper diet according to the constitution
Some women are naturally cold. Their limbs are cold, they are particularly sensitive to the cooling of the climate, their faces are paler than ordinary people, they like to drink hot drinks, they are seldom thirsty, they are afraid of cold in winter, and they are heat-resistant in summer. However, this kind of woman does not choose warm food because of their cold physique but prefers cool food. Therefore, such people need to pay more attention to their diet not to make the uterus "worse."
7. Lack of exercise
People with cold uterus should also properly strengthen their exercise. Generally speaking, they tend to be quiet and calm and feel tired when exercising too much. In fact, "movement generates Yang," people with cold constitutions must improve their body through sports.

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