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Gynecological Diseases May Entangle You With Three Bad Habits

The diversity of gynecological diseases means that the causes of gynecological diseases are also various. Some women think that if they keep their private parts clean, they will not suffer from gynecological diseases. Some small habits in life will also cause women to suffer from gynecological diseases.

Hold your urine
Some white-collar women will be exposed to computer radiation if they sit down for a long time and sit at their desks for a long time. Once they are busy, no one will bother to drink. Even if they can't go to the toilet, they can save time coping with work. However, the female internal reproductive organs and the bladder live in the pelvic cavity and are closely related. The uterus is located behind the bladder.
Holding urine will make the bladder full, and the whole bladder will press the uterus and tilt the uterus backward. If the urine containing bacteria and toxic substances is not discharged in time, it can cause cystitis, urethritis, and other diseases. It is easy to suffer from urethritis for a long time, and it can cause uterine inclination in severe cases.
Menstrual bath
During menstruation, the female pelvic cavity is congested, the menstrual blood of the uterus descends, and the blood chamber is open. In addition, the resistance of the whole body decreases during menstruation. The pelvic bath makes the bacteria in the water ascend to the uterine cavity, and the menstrual blood in the vagina becomes a natural culture agent for bacterial reproduction. The result of the bacterial proliferation is that the vagina suffers from bacterial infection, resulting in vaginitis.
The shower is recommended for menstruation. The sanitary napkins and paper should be soft and clean, with good air permeability. Change the underwear frequently to reduce the stimulation of blood stains on the vulva and the inner thigh.
Wearing tight pants
Tight pants can make the curve of women more pronounced, and the exquisite figure attracts people's attention, which greatly satisfies girls' vanity. However, the tight pants are close to the skin and have poor ventilation.
Wearing airtight pants for a long time will lead to the dampness of the vulva. At the same time, a long-term humid sanitary environment will cause vaginitis and, in serious cases, pelvic inflammation, cervicitis, endometritis, etc. Especially during menstruation, wearing tight pants is more likely to suffer from pudendal diseases due to closed and humid spaces.
It is suggested that women should not wear tight pants for a long time and should choose cotton tights with strong sweat absorption and good air permeability.
Gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, and vaginitis often significantly impact women. The traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill has a good effect on treating these diseases. It can eliminate some pain symptoms and abnormal menstruation.
In addition, prevention is the king. How do women prevent gynecological diseases?

1. Regular physical examination
Women under 40 who have regular sexual life should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination every two years. Through routine inspection of leucorrhea, B-ultrasound test, endocrine examination, and cervical scraping examination, they can understand the health status of various parts and organs and prevent multiple gynecological diseases.
2. Pay attention to personal hygiene
Gynecological diseases are related to bad personal hygiene habits. Therefore, to prevent gynecological diseases, first, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash the vulva regularly, change the underwear frequently, do not share the bathing pool and bath towel with others, and take a shower when taking a bath. Also, clean underwear and socks separately.
3. Keep good living habits
The occurrence of gynecological diseases is also related to bad living habits. Sedentary, standing for a long time and lack of exercise leads to poor local blood circulation and weak resistance. It is easy to be attacked by pathogenic bacteria such as bacteria and induce various gynecological diseases.
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