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Lack of Sleep and Uterine Diseases: Is There a Connection?

Uterine disease refers to various uterine lesions, such as inflammation, injury, tumor-predicted precancerous lesions, etc. Common uterine diseases include endometritis, endometriosis, uterine hypertrophy, uterine leiomyoma, uterine cyst, endometrial cancer, etc.

The herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a good prescription for endometritis, endometriosis, and uterine hypertrophy. It can cure diseases well and help women's uterus to be healthier.
Making the uterus healthier should become a "compulsory course" for every woman since the uterus is one of the essential organs. You know what? Good sleep is also closely related to uterine health.
Good sleep makes the endocrine function normally, and the uterus is healthier.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sleeplessness at night is caused by heart and kidney failure. The kidney mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine is also called the place of the innate essence and has an important relationship with the endocrine. 
Therefore, if you can't sleep or sleep well in ordinary times, you will have nervous decline, unable to concentrate, control failure of the brain center, abnormal secretion of various hormones in the body, and then affect the periodic metabolism of the ovary and uterus. And good sleep can ensure the regular operation of the endocrine and make the uterus healthier.
Good sleep can adjust the psychology of uterine disease.
High-quality sleep eliminates fatigue and is beneficial to mental health. Whether it is a uterine disease or other reproductive problems such as breast and ovary, it will burden women's psychology heavily.
On the one hand, the suffering of illness to the body is unbearable, but due to traditional concepts, there is no place to talk about it, and we can only bear it alone. On the other hand, because of the fear of the further development of the disease, many women lost their feminine charm, affected their sexual relationships, and destroyed the stability of the family.
People with this kind of disease usually have insomnia. So we need to adjust our attitude in time. A good sleep state can relax your nerves under tension and relieve psychological pressure.
Good sleep can also relieve dysmenorrhea.
Sound sleep gives the body time to repair itself better. During the day, the body is under the control of the sympathetic nerve, and the cells, tissues, and organs are "working." It needs to maintain life and to produce a large amount of consumption for various physical exercises. At night, the body starts to stop, and rest is the best way to adjust. Between 11 pm and 2 am, the cells get the best repair and renewal.
For women, adequate sleep at this time can achieve a good beauty effect and better repair all parts of the body. In particular, women in the menstrual period do not sleep well, and their faces are as bleak as December frost, and their faces appear darker yellow and colorless. Going to bed early can relieve dysmenorrhea and other problems, make the next day full of energy, and the face will be relatively ruddy.
Of course, in addition to defending against uterine diseases, sound sleep will also bring many benefits to our female friends:
Women who don't get enough sleep look bad. The human body is in a state of sleep, and the human body is mainly in a state of parasympathetic excitation from sympathetic excitation. The body's machine is in a state of repair and maintenance. Good sleep can keep the blood vessels in the body unblocked and the nutrition transmission unimpeded.
Western medical research has found that the metabolism of the skin and the detoxification of the body are carried out during sleep, starting from 11 pm and reaching the peak stage from 1 to 3 am. 21-23 o'clock is the period for detoxification of the immune system. From 23 o'clock to 1 am, the liver is fully detoxified in its sleeping state. From 1–3 am, it is transformed into the intestinal detoxification state. From 7 o'clock to 9 am, the small intestine needs to absorb a lot of nutrition to supplement the energy consumed by detoxification all night.
If a specific part of the sleep time cannot be guaranteed, it will affect the body function and make it impossible to eliminate toxins in time, and the aging speed will be accelerated. Some studies have shown that the aging rate of the body of people with poor sleep is 2-3 times that of normal people.
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