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Women Health: Protect Your Private Parts in Different Periods

With the growth of age, the internal environment of women's private parts will also change, and it is the most delicate and vulnerable place. To avoid being linked with various diseases, women must learn to take care of the vagina. 

What should be done safely and correctly for women's private parts at different stages?
For the convenience of infants, children often wear crotch pants. At this time, subclinical infection of the vulva occurs, resulting in adhesion of the labia minora. Once the mother finds that the child's urine is not linear but in drops, she should seek medical attention as soon as possible.
Suggestion: young girls should keep their vulva clean, reduce bad living habits, and wear crotch pants as soon as possible.
In puberty, children develop from infantile to adult, the length and width of the vagina increase, and the mucosa gradually thickens. A vital manifestation is menstruation. At this time, it is essential to keep the vulva clean.
Suggestion: be careful during vigorous activities to avoid damage to the virgin membrane. Keep the vulva clean, change the underwear once a day, and pay attention to changing the menstrual pad. If necessary, wash the vulva under the shower. To prevent retrograde infection, women should avoid vaginal lavage and irrigation as much as possible.
Breeding period
The childbearing period is the period of the most vigorous metabolism in a woman's life. With pregnancy, a series of changes will occur inside and outside the body. The vagina is no exception, and the secretion will increase accordingly. With the arrival of the child, the vagina has also been tested and will become relaxed.
In addition, women need to pay attention to these living habits.
Although the pad is convenient, it is not good to use it. Many women believe that using a pad can avoid direct contact between the vagina and underwear and help keep the vaginal environment clean. This idea is wrong because long-term use of the pad causes the vagina poor ventilation and infection. In addition, the seemingly convenient built-in tampon can also increase the risk of gynecological diseases for women, especially if the tampon is not replaced for a long time. It is more likely to lead to vaginitis and other gynecological disorders.
Suggestion: it is unnecessary to use the pad frequently if there is no special situation to avoid unnecessary trouble and induce vaginitis.
Don't wear tight jeans. The "Slim" body has become a synonym for beauty, and tight-fitting and thin bodies have become young girls' favorites. However, tight jeans, although lining a beautiful figure, are too tight, the denim is thick and airtight, which increases the friction between the vagina and the outside world, and may lead to vulva rupture and infection. If the sanitary pad is added to the jeans and cannot be replaced in time, the local secretion will continue to increase, and vaginal diseases will follow.
Suggestion: wear tight pants as little as possible. Close-fitting clothes should be made of cotton as much as possible, and loose clothing should be worn when sleeping at night. It is especially true during menstruation and pregnancy.
Do not use gynecologic lotion indiscriminately. Gynecologic lotion looks clean and should not be used indiscriminately. There are also some women who like to clean the vagina with various gynecological creams. However, such a "cleanliness obsession" can not prevent them from suffering from vaginal diseases.
In fact, long-term use of gynecological lotion is a bad habit. Because most gynecological lotions contain antibiotics, they can change the vaginal microenvironment, break the balance of the vaginal microenvironment, and lead to disease.
Suggestion: the best way to clean the vagina is to shower the vulva with warm water daily. Choose a shower during menstruation and puerperal period because a bath may cause a urinary tract infection. During sexual life, protect the vagina and avoid violence to avoid unnecessary damage such as vaginal perforation and massive bleeding. Keep the vulva clean before and after sex to prevent pelvic infection. The severe pelvic disease can lead to infertility, leading to serious consequences.
In addition, women should try to avoid having children at home. In addition to the high risk, the probability of perineal laceration is also high, affecting the integrity of the vagina. After childbirth, especially natural childbirth, scrutinize the vagina. If there is damage, it should be repaired in time to avoid future problems.
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