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There are Normal Ovulation but No Conception? Why?

Nowadays, more and more people have infertility. Once a woman has infertility, it will have a psychological impact and bring great harm to her family. When having infertility, women should go for check-ups, find the cause, and get treated. So, why cannot a woman successfully become conceived when she has normal follicles and ovulation? 

Conception is a complex physiological process requiring the following primary conditions: 
The woman's ovaries expel normal mature eggs every month; 
The male partner can ejaculate during intercourse, and the semen contains the normal number, shape, and vitality of sperm; 
The woman's fallopian tubes are unobstructed so that the sperm and egg can meet and fertilize in the tubes;
The fertilized egg must be able to pass through the fallopian tube into the uterine cavity and implant in the endometrium. It is also essential to see if immune antibodies in both female and male bodies prevent the sperm and egg from uniting.
Infertility can occur if any of the above factors are impaired. Therefore, it is recommended that women choose a specialized and regular hospital to undergo a comprehensive and systematic examination to clarify the cause of the disease and carry out targeted treatment to improve the chances of conception.
When a woman has normal ovulation but cannot conceive, it may indicate that the woman has other problems affecting conception. For example, pelvic factors must be considered, including tubal lesions, tubal obstruction, pelvic adhesions, and pelvic inflammatory disease. Uterine pathologies can be considered, including submucosal fibroids, adenomyosis, uterine adhesions, endometrial polyps, etc. Cervical factors may also be considered, including cervical laxity and cervical lesions. In some cases, congenital abnormalities such as the longitudinal uterus, bicornuate uterus, double uterus, etc., may also cause female infertility.
Conception is a matter for both spouses. Excluding the physical problems of the woman, the male partner may have some issues that cause female infertility. If the woman does not use contraception and has a normal sexual life, but she has not conceived for at least 12 months, this is infertility for the woman and sterility for the male partner. The woman and her male partner with this type of condition should go to the hospital before it is too late.
In addition, other factors can affect the chances of conception. A woman's age, psychological state, environmental factors, etc., can affect conception. The best age for a woman to get conceived is between 20 and 30 years old, and the chances of conception gradually decrease for women over 35. If a woman is anxious and over-stressed during the preparation period, the chances of conceiving are likely to be reduced. 
Also, some women have habits that can reduce the possibility of conception. Staying up late for a long time, smoking, drinking, radiation exposure, and chemical pollution can all affect conception. Women who have had multiple abortions can be physically weak, increasing the chances of infertility. Some women have abnormalities in thyroid function, diabetes, immune system disorders, and pre-thrombotic states, all of which can affect the woman's ability to conceive. Therefore, it is important to go to the hospital in time to check the cause of the disease and not to worry too much.
If women want to increase the chances of conception, they are recommended to have sex during ovulation and increase the times of sex, which can improve the chances of conception. At the same time, science is advancing rapidly nowadays, so if the results are still not good after examination and treatment, or if it has been more than one year since preparation for conception, assisted reproduction techniques can be considered to help conceive. 
Women can also take the traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill. This medicine can effectively eliminate gynecological tissue lesions, regulate menstruation, eliminate pain, etc. As a result, it can treat female infertility caused by gynecological diseases and inflammation, for example, fallopian tube infections, endometritis, etc.
Conclusively, many factors affect conception, and it is not certain that conception will occur with regular ovulation. Women should keep a happy mood and stable emotions and avoid excessive anxiety. Women should try to increase their nutrition and strengthen their physical fitness. It is equally important to keep a regular schedule and exercise moderately. 
To increase the chances of conception, men should quit smoking and drinking and have a regular sex life. Patients should actively cooperate with the doctor to obtain the best treatment if there are problems.

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