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Heavy and Prolong Menstrual Periods? Beware of The Uterus Disease!

Menstruation is a unique physical condition of women. The volume and length of menstruation can directly reflect whether a woman's body has problems. Under normal circumstances, affected by hormones and body endocrine, the regular menstrual cycles and volume of women's menstrual blood can vary, lasting between 3-7 days. But if women have sudden large blood volume and prolonged menstrual periods, then women should be careful. There may be wrong with their uterus.

General abnormalities of menstruation may have resulted from the following diseases:
1. Increased menstrual volume and prolonged periods are the most common symptoms of uterine fibroids.
When there are relatively large intermyowall fibroids and submucosal fibroids, the uterus will be enlarged so that the uterine cavity will be enlarged. The endometrial area will also increase, causing an increase in menstrual volume. Uterine fibroids can affect the contraction of the uterus, which can cause increased menstrual volume. 
Fibroids can compress adjacent veins, leading to venous congestion and dilation and resulting in increased menstrual volume and prolonged menstruation. If the submucosal fibroids are accompanied by necrotic infection, irregular vaginal bleeding may occur, and some patients may even have blood and pus discharge.
2. Genital tract inflammation
The anatomical, physiological, biochemical, and immunological characteristics of the female reproductive tract have relatively perfect natural defense functions. In a healthy state, even if there are a few pathogens in the vagina, it does not necessarily cause inflammation. But the female reproductive tract is not completely closed to the outside world after all. Due to fatigue, illness, and low resistance, a variety of pathogens may take advantage of the opportunity to enter from the semi-open channel into the uterus, resulting in inflammation and affecting the situation of menstruation. Thus, women experience menstrual volume increases or prolonged menstrual periods.
3. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
The occurrence of normal menstruation is based on the end of the luteal life period after ovulation, which leads to the withdrawal of estrogen and progesterone, causing the shedding and bleeding of the contractive necrosis surface of the functional endometrial layer. The cycle, duration, and amount of bleeding show obvious regularity and self-limitation. However, if affected by negative mental stimulation, malnutrition, chronic diseases, and other factors, they move through the cerebral cortex and central nervous system. 
The hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis function regulation or abnormal target cell effect can lead to menstrual disorders. For example, the most common clinical symptoms of patients with anovulation blood are irregular uterine bleeding, which is manifested as menstrual cycle disorder, varying menstrual length, indefinite or increased menstrual volume, and even massive bleeding.
If there is a long-term menstrual volume increase, women can show secondary anemia, fatigue, palpitation, pale, resistance decline, and other symptoms. It has a great adverse effect on the female body. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the hospital to do a gynecological internal examination and color ultrasound to find the cause of the disease. After diagnosis, timely treatment can be carried out with proper medication. 
It can be treated with the natural medicine Fuyan pill. For example, the pill can have a good curable effect on genital tract inflammation, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, etc. Its bactericidal power is strong and can kill various bacteria and viruses. As a result, women can achieve the effects of relieving pain and regulating menstruation.
At the same time, women should pay attention to vulva health, frequently change underwear, and clean the vulva daily. They should keep a light diet and avoid spicy, stimulating, and cold foods. They should also keep warm and avoid catching a cold. All these things can improve the body's resistance to disease.
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