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Why Do You Have Abdominal Pain During Sex? Be Alert to These Diseases

Many females have had abdominal pain symptoms during sexual life. Some females have abdominal pain symptoms that will disappear soon after sexual life, and others will persist for a long time. If you have persistent abdominal pain during sex, you must pay attention to it. Next, I will introduce the reasons for the pain during sexual life.

1. The man overexerted. If the man overexerts during sexual life, there will be a squeezing pressure, increasing the pressure of the female abdominal cavity, resulting in the symptoms of paroxysmal abdominal pain. Therefore, males should not overexert themselves when having sex.
2. The abdomen is cold. In cohabitation, the couple often feels shortness of breath and body heat. Therefore, after sex, they will cool down by blowing the air conditioner or fan. Currently, females may suffer from paroxysmal abdominal pain due to cold in their small abdomen. Therefore, after sex, the couple should pay attention not to setting the air conditioning temperature too low to avoid getting cold.
3. Semen allergy. Some females are allergic to semen, so if they do not wear condoms during sex, the semen will enter the female body, causing abdominal pain, vomiting, joint pain, and other symptoms. Therefore, women allergic to semen should take preventive measures before sex.
4. Gynecological inflammation. Patients with gynecological inflammation such as cervicitis, adnexitis, pelvic inflammation, and so on will have abdominal pain symptoms after sex. If the penis of a male impacts the lesion during sex, the symptoms of abdominal pain will last longer. Therefore, females must pay more attention to preventing gynecological inflammation at ordinary times and should be treated as soon as possible after the symptoms of gynecological inflammation occur.
In sexual life, because the penis will frequently contact the cervix, it will have a certain impact on the cervix. When there is cervicitis, the patients will feel abdominal pain. In sexual life, some people will move more widely, so women will have symptoms of uterine contractions. When frequent uterine contractions occur, the smooth muscle of the uterus will suffer from abdominal pain due to spasms and contractions. However, the pain caused by uterine contraction will naturally relieve after resting and will not last for too long.
However, when the duration of abdominal pain after sex is relatively long, you should be alert to gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease and endometritis. In sexual life, patients with these diseases will have congestion in the pelvic cavity and endometrium and even induce inflammation so that the pain time will be relatively long. These people will be accompanied by irregular menstruation and abnormal leucorrhea. A routine gynecological examination should be carried out immediately for diagnosis and symptomatic treatment.
How to treat abdominal pain caused by gynecological inflammation after cohabitation?
First, the scope of gynecological inflammation is vast, including vulvar inflammation, vaginal inflammation, cervical inflammation, endometrium inflammation, pelvic cavity, and bilateral fallopian tube and ovary, which belong to the category of gynecological inflammation, so it is necessary to see where the inflammation is before deciding how to treat it. 
Secretions can detect inflammation of the vulva and vaginas to determine whether the pathogen is trichomonal vaginitis or candidal vaginitis. According to the test results, medication can be taken, including external lotion, local vaginal, and oral. If there is an increase in secretion in the inflammation of the cervix, drugs can be put into the vagina for treatment. 
If it is endometritis, it may be accompanied by abdominal pain and fever, which requires antibiotic treatment. It is generally recommended that antibiotics be used in sufficient quantities to avoid repeated attacks of inflammation becoming chronic inflammation. 
If it is an acute inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries, abdominal pain and fever will also occur. Similarly, antibiotics should be given to regulate anti-inflammatory treatment. 
However, if it is chronic pelvic inflammation, the effect of antibiotics is often not very good. It can be treated by physical therapy or traditional herbal medicine, such as the Fuyan Pill, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.
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