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Customer's Questions: Endometriosis Herbal Treatment By Fuyan Pill


Endometriosis Herbal Treatment Question asked by global.fuyanpills.com Customers

"Dear Sir/Madam

I have ttc for 3 years,but failed. I've been diagnosed with hydrosalpinx and endometriosis and is currently scheduled for surgery on the 26th of May. According to the surgeon and test results, I have swollen fallopian tubes and cysts. The surgeon asked me whether or not i would like to remove both fallopian tubes. I am not comfortable with this. I can fax/email my recent CT scan if you would like to see the results. My last chance to heal is your fuyan pill. But will it help me?  I want to know more about these pills

1.What the percentage is of success if taking fuyan pill?
2.Will your fuyan pill heal my diseases?
3.What should I expect when taking pills? Headache, Weakness or something else?
4.Could there be any side effect on other organs?
5.Is there any need to drink particular amount of water?
6.Can Fuyan pill take my husband?

Please give me all possible details that I could reach maximum effect of Fuyan pill. "

First, thanks for this customer's inquiring and her conditions is curable and i will be happily to answer these questions one by ones

1. Fuyan Pill has a higher success rate in treating endometriosis, hydrosalpinx and so on gynecological diseases,and by far,more and more patients tend to choose
Endometriosis Herbal Treatment as a natural remedies for Endometriosis and in order to give you some confidence,you can check fuyan pill cured stories here :  https://global.fuyanpills.com/Testimonials/ .

2 . Yeah, Our pills can help you get a cure. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, the cause of endometriosis is Qi stagnation and blood stasis. (In another word ,it is a condition of "stuck" blood, as well as an excess of blood, the most yin fluid). But Fuyan Pills has amazing functions in reducing inflammation, promoting circulation, killing bacteria and clearing heat. That's because, our Herbal Medicine is made with more than 50 kinds of herbs,which has effective for eliminating inflammation, killing bacteria, clearing heat and promoting blood circulation. It can eliminate hydrops and cure endometriosis in three months. The pills are made of Chinese herbs, which are safe and effective, with no side effects. I suggest you take the pills for 3-4 months to get a cure .

3.Our pills will not bring any side effects and by far,we didn't receive any complain from our customers about Headache, Weakness or something else ,but owning to different physical condition, maybe you will feel some symptoms when fuyan pill works for your diseases, yet, pls dont worry, if you have any symptoms, you can contact us at anytime by livechat or  emails : herbalistlee@yahoo.com and we always provide you a best supporting.

4. No, fuyan pill is a patent product,it used natural herbs without any side effects. And you can check more informations about fuyan pill right here : Fuyan Pill FAQs

5. There is no strict rerquirements for drinking particular amount of water ,you can follow your own drink habit, but pls note : alcohol ,coffee and all dairy products are not allowed. Following is a common food list for you

Vegetables : Chinese cabbage, cucumber, celery, lotus root, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, tomato, potato, mushroom, mushroom, cabbage, green beans, pumpkin, eggplant, wax gourd and so on are ok to eat.
Beans : all beans are ok to eat.
Egg : all eggs are ok to eat, including the egg from chicken, but the chicken is not allowed
Meat : all meat from pig is ok. Fish and seafood are not allowed.
Fruit : kiwi fruit, apple, pear, peach, watermelon, grape, banana, pineapple, strawberry, cherry, orange, pawpaw, coconut, mango are ok to eat.
Nuts : all nuts are ok to eat.
Milk :   But plant milk like soy milk, coconut milk and so on is ok.
Seasoning : all spicy are not allowed, like pepper, chili, onion, curry, garlic, ginger, and other instant seasoning contains spicy that is purchased from supermarket. But oil is ok and it would be better less than 6 spoons per day. Salt and the vinegar are ok.

6.Sorry, the Fuyan Pill is specially for treating inflammations of female reproductive system and multiple gynecological diseases,not for men.





















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