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What can us do about Mycoplasma infection? how to make it turn Negative

Speaking of Mycoplasma Infection, many people feel a headache. They don't know why they can't always heal it once and for all. It is always repeated, coming and going. Therefore, the treatment of mycoplasma infection has become the most concerned topic for patients.  No one wants to have the same treatment for many times, which will not only hurt themselves but also waste their money.  Therefore, in order to treat mycoplasma infection, not only it requires drug treatment, but also the patient's carefulness nursed back to health is needed, how should we treat mycoplasma infection? Let the experts give us the following introductions:

If you find that mycoplasma is positive in the outpatient examination, what should you do? You may wish to refer to the following countermeasures to avoid unnecessary panic and over-treatment, and to treat related diseases in time.
Case 1: Simple detection of mycoplasma from the urethra and vagina without any accompanying symptoms.
Countermeasure: Don't care about it, no need for treatment.


Analysis: This "mycoplasma positive" is a normal carrying state and does not mean illness.  If your doctor carries out whole-body microbial culture for you, you can at least isolate dozens of pathogens, but this does not mean that you have dozens of diseases.  This mycoplasma positive is not equal to mycoplasma infection, and mycoplasma can survive with humans without showing signs of infection.  Moreover, as a normal population, even after drug treatment of reduction of the carrying rate, after a period of normal sexual behavior, the carrying rate will return to the original level.  So don't panic, don't abuse medication.
Case 2: Detection of mycoplasma, accompanied by genital tract inflammation or combined sexually transmitted diseases.
Countermeasure: Treatment with anti-mycoplasma.
Analysis: This "mycoplasma positive" is an infectious state and requires active treatment. After treatment, it reduces the carrier rate of mycoplasma and helps to accelerate the recovery of genital diseases or sexually transmitted diseases.
Specific measures are:
1. Actively exercise: It is necessary to exercise regularly in a planned way, and strengthening physical fitness is the first important factor in disease prevention.
2, Keep the air fresh indoors when sleeping, and if the temperature is suitable then open the window to sleep, at least use indirect ventilation, make full use of the sunbathing, air bath and water bath.
3, Pay attention to hygiene to avoid cross-infection.  Do not go to crowded, poorly ventilated theater department stores, supermarkets, etc.  Try to avoid contacting with patients who are close to the doctor, not always go to large hospitals, and to shorten the waiting time.
4, Do the necessary isolation in the family, bath towels, washbasins, bathtubs, toilets, etc., or disinfect after use.
5, Prohibit alcohol, do not eat spicy food, drink enough water.

6, Today's Western medicine treatment and surgical treatment of mycoplasma infection methods are inevitably easy for relapse, in order to cure the mycoplasma infection once and for all, the best way is to use Chinese herbal medicine treatment, not only good in treatment effect, but also one-time cure.  Chinese herbal medicine treatment of infection with mycoplasma, Fuyan Pill, can kill a variety of bacteria and viruses, cure diseases such as mycoplasma, chlamydia, and gonorrhea in about 3 months.  At the same time, it has anti-proliferation and anti-fibrosis, can dredge the fallopian tube, achieve pain relief, regulate menstruation and other effects! It can treat inflammation in the cervix, uterus, pelvis, ovary, etc., and relieve the suffering of women compatriots.

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