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Herbs to Unblock Fallopian Tubes Success Rate Introduction!

 Herbs to Unblock Fallopian Tubes,more accurately say : Fuyan Pill for clearing fallopian tube obstruction ,will be one of the effective and safe home remedies for blocked tubes. TCM Herbal Medicine Fuyan Pill works well endo, tubal blockage and so on gynecological diseases (Click it here to get more details about fuyan pill ,the natural treatment for tubal blockage: Fuyan Pill Reviews).


Currently, Many patients choose Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat gynecological disease and chronic disease, because the treatment is quite effective.The patented herbal medicine Fuyan Pills can cure fallopian tube blockage effectively. Based on more than 30 years clinic experiences, and consist of more than 50 herbs, fuyan pill can promote blood circulation, remove stasis, clear over away heat and dampness in the lower abdomen etc, normally blocked fallopian tubes can get a cured in about 3-6 months, fuyan pill is made from natural herbs with no side effects, it can regular menses, nourish the kidney and soothe the liver.And here, the article will share a simple introduction about Herbs to Unblock Fallopian Tubes Success Rate ,hope it will give customers some useful informations.

Fallopian tube Blockage Can be Caused due to Different Reasons in Which Lets Say 5 important reasons are .


1) Fluid in the Tubes that obstruct the Meeting of Sperm and the Egg .

2) Endometriosis

3) Fallopian Tube Blocked with the Scar tissue Formed by the Previous Surgeries .

4) Bacterial Infections

5) Pelvic Infalammatory Disease


1) Fluid In the Tubes That is Hydrosalpinx condition can Be Treated with the Fuyan Pills which need a 3 months treatment .The Sucess Rate is 80-90 % .


2) The Fallopian tube Blocked Due to Endometriosis Condition , in this case the endometrial Tissue that Grown Irregularly obstructiong the Tubes , for which we have to first treat the endometriosis condition which will take 3-5 Months of Treatment . Success Rate is about 60-80%


3) Fallopian Tube Blocked Due to Previous Surgeries caused Scar Tissue , This condition can also be treated with Fuyan pills but the Success rate is only about 20-30% .


4) Bacterial Infections causing the Fallopian tube Blockage , In this Condition we suggest you to Go for the Test at any of your nearest hostpital To check for the Bacteria that is Effecting the Condition , once we know about the Bacteria That is Effecting the blockage we will Treat the Bacterial Infections first with Fuyan Pills for about 3-4 Months Once the Bacterial Infections shows negative in the Test results , We will Treat your Fallopian tubes recovery Treatment for another 2 Months Which should clear the Condition . The Success rate is about 60-80 % .


5) Pelvic Inflammatory Disease causing the Fallopian tube blockage in which bacterial infection is involved can also be treated with the Fuyan Pills , First we are going to treat the Patient For PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and After The Patient Recover from the PID We will give the Fallopian Tube Recovery Treatment for another 2 Months , then the Patient can go for the HSG Test to check for the Blockage which will be obviously Cleared . The Success Rte is Is about 70-90% .


Note : A good diet can help get cure. So ,When you take our herbal medicines, you need to be on a strict diet control. Do not have spicy food and alcohol. Chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, seafood, pickled vegetables, and milk should be avoided. Do not eat too much chocolate, coffee, coke, fried and baked food. You can eat pork, bread, noodles, nuts, fresh vegetables, eggs and fruits, fruit juice, water, and tea. A good diet will help you get cured.And ,i listed some common food that they can eat below. I hope this is helpful for them.

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