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Pregnant and Healed from Chronic Pelvic Inflammation and Bacterial Vaginitis after 3 Courses of Fuyan Pill

Patient information: Ms. Du, 22, Chengdu

Main complaint: Chronic pelvic inflammation had lasted for more than a year. Before that, there were pelvic effusion and congestion, and she tried various medications, but the condition was only improved, not completely cured. Recently, bacterial vaginitis was found. At present, the main symptom was that the menstruation lasted for more than 10 days, leucorrhoea was little more and in yellowish color, occasionally lumbar and abdominal pain.
Treatment: Fuyan Pill
Treatment duration: Inflammation disappeared after three courses of treatment with Fuyan Pills and she got pregnant.
Therapeutic process:
On September 25, 2018, after having a detailed understanding of Ms. Du's condition and previous treatment experience, we suggested that she takes Fuyan Pill. Ms. Du decided to follow our advice and took a course of Fuyan Pills first. After we told her in detail the usage and dosage of Fuyan pill and the dietary taboos during the medication, Ms. Du began to take the medicine for treatment.
On October 25, Ms. Du told us that she had finished one course of Fuyan Pill and wanted to order another course of medication. She asked us why the brown secretions were discharged after taking the pill. We told her that it was normal for her to have brown secretions around ovulation or menstruation. In addition, the prescription of Fuyan Pill contained herbal ingredients for activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, so the brown secretions might also be the unwanted toxins from the body. The congestion was being drained out, so no need to worry about it. 
We also advised her to maintain a good mentality and avoid taboos during the treatment.
On November 4th, Ms. Du gave us feedback that her waist was still a little painful and her leucorrhea was purulent. Usually, the condition should be improved after taking Fuyan Pill for a period of time. So we asked her if she had a strict diet. 
She told us that sometimes she would eat hotpot which might contain some chili peppers. We told her that could be the reason why the symptoms did not improve significantly. We repeatedly emphasize again that she must avoid the food triggers.
On December 7th, Ms. Du told us that her condition had improved remarkably and her waist was not as painful as before. She had finished the second course of medicine and wanted to buy another course.
On January 25, 2019, Ms. Du contacted us and said that she had a check-up, that the inflammation had disappeared and that she was pregnant. She asked if she could continue taking Fuyan Pills. Considering that she was pregnant, we told her to stop taking the pills and suggested that she should stay in bed more at the early stage of pregnancy and avoid fatigue.

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