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Cure Adenomyosis with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Uterine adenomyosis or adenomyoma of uterus is a kind of disease of endometriosis. It is caused by the tissued of endometrium growing into muscle of womb and some patients have no symptoms.Pain and no pregnancy caused by adenomyosis is persistant. The pain in low abdomen, waist and sacrum during or after menstrual period sometimes spread to fundament, perineum and vagina.


Doctors can touch a womb that magnified uniformly, ball-like and hard. Patients feel a pain when pressing on it. During menstrual period, the womb soften and the pain when pressing become obvious. Adenomyosis often occurs after delivery and abortion. What are the relationships between adenomyosis and pregnancy? Having trouble getting pregnant can be caused by adenomyosis, that's what we called 'adenomyosis infertility'.

For the symptoms of magnified uniformly, ball-like and hard womb, pain when pressing, sometimes, the adenomyosis pain is unbearable, the adenomyosis natural treatment Fuyan Pill resolve the hard lamps, promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis, stop pain and promote Qi, in order to cure adenomyosis.


In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the symptoms of excessive menstrual blood and long menstrual period is because of congestion blockage. So the medicines to stop bleeding and dissolve stasis in Fuyan Pill can help regulate menstruation.To decide the recipe of the medicine, I combine ideas of traditional Chinese medicine and test method of western medicine together. That's why Fuyan Pill can eliminate symptoms and cure adenomyosis effectively.


adenomyosis treatment
Causes of adenomyosis

The real cause of adenomyosis is unknown, some experts believe that adenomyosis results from inflammation of the uterine,  such as chronic endometritis. It can slo be linked with endometriosis. but studies looking into similarities and differences between endometriosis adenomyosis have conflicting results. Medicines in Fuyan Pill to clear away heat and toxic material can resist infection and make mysoplasma and chlamydia test negative to cure adenomyosis.

Adenomyosis diagnosis

The first step of adenomyosis diagnosis is a physical exam, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and adenomyosis ultrasound can be used to confirm it. Doctors can see abnormal uterine bleeding or other characteristics of the disease.


Symptoms of adenomyosis

Some women with adenomyosis infections do not experience any symptoms, while others may have severe. The most common adenomyosis symptoms include:

Dysmenorrhea: hyperemia, edema, and bleeding of atopic endangium during menstrual period affect the organs and cause acute bellyache. This kind of dysmenorrhea is secondary dysmenorrhea and the character of the pain is spasm-like or angina.

Pain in sex: atopic endangium in the pelvic cavity cause a lesion in the womb, when having sex, the cervix hit womb and cause pain.


Irregular menstruation: excessive menstrual bleeding or a long menstrual period. Seldom patients have a vaginal bleeding after menstruation. Adenomyosis also causes a bleeding after the meopause.

Infertility: the bigger the adenomyoma of uterus is, or the closer the adenomyoma of uterus is to the womb, the more difficult to pregnant. It also occurs abortion, premature delivery, malposition, pacental abruption and hemorrhea after delivery if pregnant.

Cure adenomyosis with tratidional Chinese medicine


By analysising the causes and symptoms of adenomyosis, it's not difficult to find that adenomyosis is always affected by infection. Lots of ademonyosis patients also have a mycoplasma or chlamydia infection, so we treat patients with Fuyan Pill for it can kill bacteria and resist infection. Herbs in the recipe of Fuyan Pill can clear away heat and toxic material, promote blood and Qi circulation, dissolve stasis, regulate menstruation.


For patients who have heavy menstrual flow or long menses, additional herbs to stop bleeding is also required. For most patients who take Fuyan Pill to treat their adenomyosis, three to four months medication is appropriate for them to get a full recovery. With a required diet, the successful rate of curing adenomyosis with this advanced treatment for adenomyosis is higher than 80% according to clinical data.


Adenomyosis Treatment Notice


There's a diet required during the treatment: spicy foods and condiment, poultry, fish, beef, seafood, onions, durians, pickles, alcohol and milk are forbidden. There's no interaction between the listed foods and Fuyan Pill, but they may aggravate symptoms and worsen condition thus the treatment of adenomyosis may take longer. 

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