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Can Congestion That Caused by Adenomyosis Be Discharged with Menstruation?

The first inquiry is that how the congestion is formed? Dr. Lee who is an expert in gynecology explains that endometrial which is with active substancebe firstly invades and spreads to myometrium, and grows in it, then cyclical bleeding appears along with changes in ovarian hormones, however, this blood can't be exhausted like menstrual, so it accumulates in the local, which finally leads to congestion. But why congestionthat caused by adenomyosis can't be discharged out of menstrual?


Dr. Lee declares that to figure out the structure of the endometrium is the first step to make this question clear. Normally, endometrial can be divided to two layers, functional layer and basal layer. The functional layer can shed and be discharged out of the body through menstrual. After that, with stimulation from estrogen, new functional layer can be produced from the basal layer.


As a matter as fact, submucosa can be found in all the body's hollow organs, except uterus. It prevents glands from growing within the myometrium so as to maintain the growth direction to the cavity. It is lacking of submucosa between endometrium and myometrium that causes adenomyosis. That is because when incentives (curettage and cesarean damage, high estrogen hyperlipidemia, infections, etc)occur, the basal layer of the endometrium is able to proliferate in large numbers. If it penetrates the barrier between endometrium and myometrium, endometrial stromal can reach into the myometrium along the vulnerable place of the barrier, which opens a door for endometrial glands. Those glands then grow near vascular and lymphatic, which eventually leads to adenomyosis.


In this case, blood caused by the ectopic endometrial which grows in the myometrium can't flow to intrauterine, that is to say, the blood can't be discharged through vagina. While this blood gatheres in the local and triggers congestion. Moreover, it stimulates smooth muscle connective tissue, which easily causes uterine adenomyoma or increased uterus. Through the uterine wall specimens, we can obviously observe the thick and hard myometrial adenomyosis. Besides, thick muscle fibers and microcapsules cavity can also be seen on the muscle wall.


In summary, that bleeding which caused by adenomyosis lesions can not be discharged out of the body can brings about a series of symptoms. Therefore, Dr. Lee reminds patients to take notice of their condition and keep contact with the doctor, only in this way can they get a better understanding of the development of the disease.

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