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Adenomyosis Herbal Treatment

Adenomyosis is also known as "internal endometriosis", is a medical condition that ectopic glandular tissue found in muscle. It is a disease of abnormal endometrial tissue(endometrium, the inner line of uterus). Adenomyosis can found with endometriosis on some patients. Adenomyosis is always treated with hormonal suppression, anti-inflammatory pain killers, in order to reduce the symptoms temporarily. Then how about adenomyosis herbal treatment? How's the effect?  


The cause of adenomyosis is unknown, although it has been associated with any sort of uterine trauma that may break the barrier between the endometrium and myometrium, such as a caesarean section, tubal ligation, pregnancy termination, and any pregnancy. Adenomyosis often occur in women between the age 35 and 50. It is also considered because of increased hormone - estrogen. In normal cases, there's a barrier between endumetrium and myometrium( the thick, muscular layer of the uterus). Once the barrier is broken, endometrium grows abnormally inside the muscle. This makes the uterus enlarged with a size like 12 weeks pregnancy.


Common clinical cases of adenomyosis are pain with menses and irregular menses. Irregular menses can occur before pain develops. If a woman round the year of 40 who has seldom suffered from dysmenorrhea but sometimes had irregular menses, now experiencing severe pain with menses which aggravates with time, it could possibly be adenomyosis. Adenomyosis can also cause bleeding after manopause, even it seldom occurs.


Medication often hardly works on this, thus it is always treated with surgery. Adenomyosis can cause infertility, so it is always not suggested to remove the uterus if the patient still has a need of pregnancy. If the disease is not severe, it is completely possible that the patient can conceive naturally after treatment. For those who're at higher ages and no longer need to conceive, they should remove the whole uterine as soon as possible in case it affects the ovaries. Traditional Chinese medicine to treat adenomyosis, can reduce pain with menses effectively, lower the develop of the lesion, is going to be a newly produced treatment for adenomyosis.


In the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, adenomyosis symptoms are relevant to "inner poor blood circulation and stasis". Since adenomyosis often occurs after delivery or miscarrage, organs in reproductive system are weak, stasis occurs if it is not well recovered. So the basic treatment principle is to promote blood circulation. Adenomyosis herbal treatment "Fuyan Pill" can tonify spleen, help expel dampness, promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, clear away heat and toxic materials. Dysmenorrhea can reduce by 70% after three months medication. Fuyan Pill treats adenomyosis effectively.

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