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Signs of Adenomyosis and Adenomyosis Herbal Treatment

Incidence of adenomyosis is creasing gradually and because of the symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, infertility which torture suffers a lot, adenomyosis is actually a serious disease. Adenomyosis patients are much concerned about the question "can adenomyosis be cured".  


Experts expressed that if adenomyosis can't be treated soon enough, then the condition will become more serious in the period. So, dysmenorrhea gradually aggravate. Often, symptoms are menstrual disorders, infertility, painful intercourse, pelvic pain, fever, increased vaginal discharge and menstrual pain.    


Therefore, if you are suffer from adenomyosis, please receive treatment as soon as possible. In general, both traditional Chinese medicine and western medical methods can solve this problem. To treat this disease, hormones are used usually in western medicine. Hormones can operate quickly but it will create a considerable side effect. While traditional Chinese medicine does not often soon take effect, however, it is a treatment without any side effect.       


Generally, causes of adenomyosis are multiple. It usually occurs in women who are at the age of forty to fifty. In addition, some congenital or acquired diseases can lead to reproductive tract infarction. Thus, menstruation can't discharge, which can cause adenomyosis finally. 


In summary, common adenomyosis can be cured in a more simple way. However, women should have certain knowledge of this disease. When you find you have these symptoms, please take measures to prevent from a disease progression. Besides, women ought to have regular body check. 


Signs of adenomyosis


Dysmenorrhea: Dysmenorrhea is a primary symptom of adenomyosis, which will be server during intercouse. With development of the disease, this pain can begin one week before the period and prolong to one or two weeks after the period.


Menorrhagia: Menorrhagia is another cardinal symptom, which can easily cause anemia. In some cases, this condition can be misdiagnosed with metropathia hemorrhagica.

Infertility: It is a fact that not all adenomyosis patients can't be gregnant, but still there are many patients have this trouble.


Adenomyosis herbal treatment

Treatments of adenomyosis are multiple. However, the most safe one is herbal treatment. That is because western medicine can't not fundamentally solve the problem and restore uterine function. As we know, the stasis is a very vital thing which needs to be settled. Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill is good at promoting blood circulation. As to the inflammation, Some prescriptions in this Pill can eliminate inflammation and clear away toxic materials. Numerous adenomyosis patients are cured by Fuyan Pill, this amazing adenomyosis herbal treatment brings hope for all adenomyosis patients.



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