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What's the Best Treatment of Adenomyosis?
Actually adenomyosis is a specific form of endometriosis. A large number of patients selected mediations. However, antibiotic can easily cause drug resisitance and this treatment does not well in treating long-term untreated or recrudescent adenomyosis. So, we have to mention the question again, what is the best treatment of adenomyosis?
It took Dr.Lee several years to study and develop medicines to treat adenomyosis. Eventually, she succeeded. Fuyan Pill, which is a patent medicine with its patent number 201110031968.7 has its own advantages of treating adenomyosis. 
Prescription in Fuyan Pill can clear away heat and toxic materials, it can kill various bacteria, virus, tubercle bacillus, mycoplasma, chlamydia within three months and especially work well in treating adenomyosis.
What is adenomyosis?
As we mentionned aboved, adenomyosis is a specific form of endometriosis, it is a disease that endometrium tissue invades to uterine muscle layers. Some patients can never feel any symptoms. 
In fact, adenomyosis is a durative pathological process which is characterized by pelvic pain and infertility. Continuous lower abdomen pain and stiffness and pain of back starts before one or two days of the period, which can ridiate to anus, perineum and vagina.
On gynecologial examination, an enlarged uterus is no doubt palpable, which is ball-shaped and elliptical. When it is pressed down, patient can feel clear pain. Adenomyosis commonly occurs after pregnancy, abortion and curettage. 
Causes of adenomyosis
Injuries of uterus wall arise from childbirth and chronic endometritis are main causes of this adenomyosis.
Symptoms of adenomyosis
Dysmenorrhea: In the period, congestion, swelling and bleeding of ectopic endometrial irritates organs it relates to. Then damatic abdomen pain appears in menstrual period. 
Pain during intercourse: The ectopic endometrial in the pelvic cavity usually forms nodular lesions in Douglas pouch. Cervical collision and pull-up can surely cause pain during intercourse. 
Menstrual disorder:menstrual volume increases or menostaxis occurs. Very few patients can experience vaginal bleeding before or after the period. Even it can cause bleeding in postmenopausal women.
Infertility: A bigger adenomyoma of uterus and adenomyoma that near uterus cavity affect fertility a lot. Even after pregnancy, the myoma can have influence on patients, and can lead to miscarriage, premature delivery, malposition, abruptio placentae, postpartum hemorrhage, etc. 
TCM adenomyosis medication
According to causes of adenomyosis, we can find that this disease can't be separated from infections. Now that we have known that chronic endometritis is the main cause of adenomyosis, and adenomyosis is not an isolate disease, it usuaully occurs with mycoplasma infection, chlamydia infection. Therefore, it is better to take Fuyan Pill to achieve the goal of detoxification and sterilization. 
In addition, some prescritions in Fuyan Pill can prompte blood circulation, remove tumor and lump. 
Abnormal vaginal discharge is a gynecological infectious disease. Antibiotic can not easily solve the problem of invigorating the spleen to damp elimination. However, traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill is able to achieve this effect. 
Let's see a case - Fuyan Pill successful case on treating adenomyosis.
Patient: Kamal Deep, who was from India and she was 34.
Symptom description: Kamal Deep had suffered from dysmenorrhea for about eight years. There was no obvious inducement of symptoms such as increase in the volume of menstrual, extended menstrual cycle, dysmenorrhea, etc. At the beginning, she didn't care about it, however, symptoms become severe step by step. Colporrhagia can last for sixteen days per month with serious dysmenorrhea. She even needed painkiller to relieve herself. One year ago, she went to the hospital and was diagnosed with adenomyosis. Antibiotic was given, but in vain. 
She found Dr.Lee's clinic in May, 2011. After analyzing her condition, Dr.Lee thought it would be very dangerous if she didn't take measures immediately. So, without hesitation, she started to take Fuyan Pill. 
In June, 2011
After taking Fuyan Pill for a month, Kamal felt much better. Her menstrual cycle becamenormal. The period was about seven days, which greatly reduce abdominal pain. 
In July, 2011
Pain in Lower abdomen relieved a lot and menstrual blood volume decreased. 
August, 2011
Kamal emailed us that dysmenorrhea was apparently improved. She didn't need painkiller any more. As a matter of fact, prescriptions in Fuyan Pill can promote blood circulation, this is exactly why pain relieved. However, this patient had eight-year adenomyosis, it is difficult to make sure if normal course of treatment can apply to her condition. So, she was required to take other four courses. 
Then Kamal went to the hospital again, she was excited to find that hysteromyoma reduced to 4.9 cm from 11cm. Other symptoms disappeared.

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