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What Symptoms can Focal Adenomyosis Cause?

Adenomyosis is a lesion of endometrial abnormal growth. When endometrial tissue grows to  outside the uterus,we call that disease endometriosis. When endometrial grows to the wall of the uterus, we call that adenomyosis. Being different from the diffuse adenomyosis, focal adenomyosis is one type of adenomyosis, that endometrium grows ectopic and finally aggregates in a certain position and develops a cyst.


What are focal adenomyosis symptoms?


Menstrual disorder. The menstrual cycle becomes longer or menstrual amount increases though menstrual cycle does not disorder. In addition, the symptoms varies on patients.


Frequent or urgent urination. When the cyst of adenomyosis grows big enough, it may oppress the bladder and cause urinary discomfort. If the cyst grows nearby the rectum and discomfort with bowel movement may also occur.


Excessive vaginal discharge. Adenomyosis patients often suffer from excessive vaginal discharge, and this condition is often mistaken as bacterial vaginosis. This symptom is mostly relevant to the number and size of the cyst.


Lower abdominal pain. In some cases lower abdominal pain occurs and could be unbearable.


Infertility. About 40% of adenomyosis may be infertile. Adenomyosis patients are also at a higher risk of miscarriage.









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