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Adenomyosis plays an important role in fertility problems

Adenomyosis, also referred to as uterine endometriosis, is a benign condition confined to the uterine muscle. Endometrial cells from the lining of the endometrial cavity, migrate from that lining, most commonly into the posterior side or back wall of the uterus.


Adenomyosis plays an important role in fertility problems. Many women who are suffering infertility are caused by adenomyosis. Adenomyosis symptoms include menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pressure, and bloating before menstrual periods and can result in heavy periods. The condition can be located throughout the entire uterus or localized in one spot.


As adenomyosis can cause infertility, women should often go to see the doctor to test this condition if you think you are suffering adenomyosis symptoms. The only definitive way to diagnose adenomyosis was to perform a hysterectomy and examine the uterine tissue under a microscope. However, imaging technology has made it possible for doctors to recognize adenomyosis without surgery. Using MRI or transvaginal ultrasound, doctors can see characteristics of the disease in the uterus.


Women with adenomyosis want to get a remedy that can eradicate this disease. Thus, most of them choose surgery to treat adenomyosis symptoms. Actually, herbal medicine named Fuyan Pill from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic can treat adenomyosis symptoms effectively. Fuyan Pill has many particular herbs which can promote blood and Qi circulation, dissolve stasis and dissipate hard lumps. With the "guiding herbs" which can "guide" other herbs to work directly in the reproductive system, adenomyosis can be treated effectively.


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