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Five Symptoms Imply Diseases in Private Parts

The private parts of women is a mysterious zone, which need our special care. if you nurse it improperly, it would bring you to the depressing and embarrassing problem. So that, you should pay attention to the state of private parts in your daily life because sometimes slight symptoms in private parts imply big health problems.

Vaginitis, PID and endometriosis are common gynecological diseases. They would bring women to unspeakable pain. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent the private parts from inflammation for promoting living quality.

If you have some of the following five symptoms in private part, you should notice the safety and health of your private parts.

The change of vaginal secretion
The normal secretion is tasteless and transparent. Any change of secretion is the beginning of a disease. Many infections of pathogens would induce change of the leucorrhea. For example, infection of candida would lead to the appearing leucorrhea like bean curd. The leucorrhea of patients with gonorrhea is yellow-green fluid. Therefore, notice of leucorrhea can discover disease as soon as possible, then you can treat in time.

Pruritus and rash
If your vulva is red, swollen and scratchy, you are most likely to have acquired dermatitis of the vulva, a kind of allergic reaction. The source of stimulation can be anything, from shower gel to chemical fiber underwear.

The other kind of dermatitis is lichen sclerosis of vulva. The dermatitis can also be a signal of herpes. If you or your partner has the symptoms of herpes, stop doing sexual intercourse and go to see doctors immediately. If a pregnant woman acquires serious herpes, she must receive treatment because the baby can be infected in the process of delivery.

Peculiar smell
The normal leucorrhea is tasteless. If you can always smell a fishy flavor or sour flavor, it is a signal of bacterial vaginitis. In general, it can be more serious after the menstruation or intercourse.

In rare cases, tampon also can cause foul smell. Therefore, you should abide by the recommended time of 8 hours strictly.

Burning sensation
If you have the symptoms of frequent urination, urgent urination or painful urination, the bacterial infection of urinary tract may be the chief culprit. In a very few condition, there are the symptoms of burning pain of the vulva. It may be induced by the recurrent vaginitis, trauma or other problems.

It can induce pain not only when intercourse but also when the woman is walking, urinating or resting. In most cases, we use drug, biofeedback therapy or partial anesthetic to treat. Only as a last resort should we excise the inflammatory nerves through operation for some cases of partial pain of vulva.

Most cases of the abnormal bleeding of vagina is an early warning of some diseases. The omens of endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, myoma of uterus, PID, ectopic pregnancy or abortion include the condition of slight bleeding.

In addition, the irregular bleeding can also be induced by climacteric, hormonal imbalance and the wrong use of contraceptive. It is very necessary to find a doctor to treat in time. And you can also use Fuyan Pill to treat it. Fuyan Pill is invented by Wuhan Dr.Lee, who has about 30 years of treating experience. and it is made purely of traditional Chinese herbal. For all of the gynecological inflammation, the curative effect of Fuyan pill is evident.

If you have the above symptoms in private part, you should not ignore it because it may induce big problem for you. Many women would delay their treatment for the fear of having a examination. That would make things worse.

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