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How to Prevent Endometritis?

The prevention of every disease is more important than the curation. Especially for the gynecological diseases with high morbidity, the prevention has a very important significance for protecting the women’s health. To prevent endometritis, we should proceed from the following methods:

1. Strengthen the health care during pregnancy. We should take examinations periodically during pregnancy, discovering the complications in pregnancy in time in order to treat it timely. During the pregnancy, we should strengthen the in taking of nutritions and vitamin. Pay attention to the hygiene in this period. Change the clothes and have a bath more frequently. After 8 months of pregnancy, because the uterine orifice is becoming slack gradually, so don’t take bath or have sex in order to prevent endometritis.

2. Take the new way to deliver. In the process of delivery, we should operate in the sterile environment to prevent the unnecessary anal and vaginal diagnosis. Deal with the process of production and don’t let it be too long. Make sure the good rest and nutritions of pregnant women. After delivery of the placenta, we should check the uterus carefully. If there are residues, clear it immediately for decreasing the bleeding after delivery. We should use anti-biotics timely if the caul fractures early.

3. Don’t have an abortion privately. After some women are pregnant, in order not to let others know, they would use drugs on their own to induce abortion. It is very dangerous. Not only the abortion would always fail, but also induce inflammation or even damage of organs, and it can also induce blood poisoning, tetanus and even death. So you must not take this risk.

4. Pay attention to the hygiene in the stage of puerperium. Keep the cleanness of vulva. Avoid intercourse and bath in the basin for at least one month.

5. Notice the hygiene in menses. The sanitary towel should be sterile. Avoid intercourse and bath in the basin in the period. Don’t do gynecological examination as far as possible.
If you have acquired endometritis, don’t be panic. Firstly, you should have an examination to find out the pathogens. If your endometritis is induced by bacteria, you should diminish the bacteria immediately. Fuyan Pill is made up from multiple herbs, which are all effective in killing bacteria. And because it belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, it has no side-effects completely. In order to prevent endometritis, you can take this medicine as well.

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