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What are the Causes of Endometrial Bleeding?

What are the causes of endometrial bleeding is the question in many women’ s mind. Gynecological experts introduce that, the normal uterine bleeding means menstrual bleeding, constant amount of bleeding and regular menstrual cycle. The symptoms of abnormal uterine bleeding include: abnormal amount of bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle, bleeding after intercourse, bleeding after menopause, bleeding after menstrual period and bleeding with increased leucorrhea. 20% of adults have abnormal uterine bleeding. 50% of women have ever had abnormal uterine bleeding. So, abnormal uterine bleeding is also a common disease of gynecology.

About what are the causes of endometrial bleeding, gynecological experts point out that, uterine lesion is also a cause of uterine bleeding. Specifical content as follows:
endometrial inflammation: when a woman has acquired acute endometriosis, the endometrium would congest, swell and even have ulcer on the surface of endometrium, therefore, inducing excessive menstrual bleeding or endless vaginal bleeding. In addition, when you have acquired endometrial tuberculosis, the endometrium would be damaged and have ulcers on the surface, inducing irregular vaginal bleeding.

1, Uterine tumor: uterine fibroid can not only hamper the shrink and hemostasis of uterus but also expand the area of uterine cavity and induce the distortion of uterus because the fibroid extrudes in the direction of uterine cavity, affecting the normal shedding of the endometrium. The submucosal fibroid is likely to acquire necrosis and infection. These causes can induce excessive menstrual bleeding, prolonged menstrual period or irregular vaginal bleeding. Endometrial polyp also can induce the above symptoms by increasing the area of endometrium or secondary infection. Besides, if you have acquired endometrial cancer or uterine sarcoma, you can also have irregular vaginal bleeding or uterine bleeding after menopause.

2, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding: it always can be seen in adolescent and menopausal women. It always manifest as abnormal menstrual period. The volume of blood varies from time to time. Among them, 90% of the patients anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding. The cause of dysfunctional uterine bleeding is that fatigue, tension, environmental change and some other factors interfere with the coordination mechanism between hypothalamus, hypophysis and ovary, inducing dysfunction ovary and para-secretion of hormone, and then induce the abnormalities of endometrial periodical change.

3, Intrauterine device. Irregular vaginal bleeding is one of the complications of intrauterine device. This is because the mechanical compression of intrauterine device induces partial damage, necrosis and superficial ulcers of endometrium.

4, Endometriosis and adenomyosis are also causes of endometrial bleeding, and it can also induce irregular vaginal bleeding.

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