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Fuyan Pills Cure Lower Back Pain and Increased Vaginal Discharge
At a certain age, women begin to get a lot of diseases, such as lower back pain and increased vaginal discharge, and the diseases are usually accompanied by other symptoms. Can Fuyan Pills, the traditional Chinese medicine, help in this condition? With this problem, let's take a look at these two cases of two patients.
Patient 1: Lower back pain, distension in abdomen, yellow-green discharge, bleeding in sexual intercourse
Ms. Zhang, who has mild cervicitis:
Leucorrhea check: white blood cells + +, epithelial cells+, UU mycoplasma negative, CT negative, no trichomoniasis
Symptoms: pain in abdomen, bleeding after intercourse, yellow-green secretion, itching of vagina and anus. The effect is not obvious after using medicine, still with a brown secretion, sometimes constipation.
The Analysis of TCM Doctor Lee:
Considering the symptoms of Ms. Zhang above, the most possible reasons are diseases in cervix and endometrium, such as cervical erosion, endometrial thickening, Adenomyosis, endometriosis, etc. And all these diseases are caused by bacteria invasion of inflammatory lesions. In general, many women suffer from lower back pain and increased vaginal discharge. While having sex, penis will impact cervix through the vagina. If the cervix is with inflammatory lesions, it will bleed in sexual intercourse. Fuyan Pills have the effects of diminishing inflammation, softening the lumps and dissolving stasis, so it can eliminate pain and alleviate symptoms from the sources, to reach the effect of a full recovery.
Patient 2: Lumbar pain (especially in menstrual period), pain in lower abdomen uterus (where the womb lies), white and yellow discharge.
Ms. Hu:
She had a 3-cm annex cyst, recurring after cure, and had to go to the hospital at last. The result of the check is pelvic inflammatory disease, with a 14-mm effusion. She usually feels pain in the lower back during menstruation and in uterine position, with shoddy and yellow discharge at the same time. Then she received intravenous medication for a month, but no effect was achieved, and the symptoms are becoming more severe. It is easy to relapse when medicine is stopped to take.
The Analysis of TCM Doctor Lee:
Generally speaking, lower back pain and increasing vaginal discharge accompanied by whitish and yellowish leucorrhoea mainly result from chronic pelvic inflammatory diseases. According to Ms. Hu's situation, she has pelvic cavity accumulates fluid, so the first thing you need to do is to remove the purulent effusion and to improve the circulation of pelvic cavity, so as to reach the purpose of curing the disease. As the pain results from silt, we dissolve fester, eliminate inflammation, dredge Qi and blood fundamentally eliminate inflammation. The traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pills have these effects and can promote circulation of blood to achieve the goal of rehabilitation.
From the two patients above, we can find that women may have many diseases with the lower back pain and increased leucorrhea, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, etc. Therefore, we can't judge only by one or two kinds of symptoms. Instead, we must carefully distinguish, carefully inspect and timely treat the diseases.
Dr. Lee introduces that the lower back pain and increased leucorrhea are all the symptoms of Genital diseases. That's to say, they result from the same reason. Fortunately, all these symptoms can be treated by Chinese traditional medicine Fuyan Pills, so they can be completely cured.

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