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A Natural Adenomyosis Treatment for Pregnancy

 Nowadays, the number of women suffering from adenomyosis is on the increase, and there are many methods to treat it. But which one is safer and the most effective way we should choose? Especially for those who want to be pregnant, this problem is extraordinarily important. Here, I’ll analyze the ways we usually use and give a reasonable answer to it.


There are many ways to treat adenomyosis. Dysmenorrhea caused by adenomyosis has a trend of gradual increase. It would affect the quality of work and life when it becomes severe. The most commonly used therapy of gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogue does not have the ideal effects and antibiotics can't be used for a long time, and it can not cure it completely, so it is just a temporary solution. As for surgical treatment, it mainly gives hysterectomy, so it does not apply to young women and those who want to be pregnant. Therefore, for those patients who want to be pregnant and ease pain, all these methods of treatment cannot achieve very good effects.
Dr. Lee, who specializes in traditional Chinese medicine for 30 years, points out that adenomyosis is in the same category with dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, menstrual extension and other diseases in Chinese medication. From the perspective of Chinese medication, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders and remove lump are all associated with blood stasis resistance. Adenomyosis is secondary to postpartum and abortion, because menstrual blood is damaged after parturition or abortion, deficient and insufficient. So blood stasis is formed for a long time. So in terms of treatment, removing blood stasis is the main therapeutic principle.
The formula of Fuyan Pills has the effect of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and clearing heat-clearing. Therefore, it can effectively eliminate dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation caused by adenomyosis. The heat-clearing and detoxifying effect of Fuyan Pills can effectively eliminate edema of the uterus. And Fuyan Pill has a function that promotes blood circulation. It can remove blood stasis, acetanilide detumescence and regulate menstruation. As a pure herbal preparation, Fuyan Pills do not have any side effects and it is’t a traumatic, so it will not increase the incidence of cervical cancer and ovarian cancer. Take Fuyan Pills for one month, there will be obvious curative effect in the treatment of adenomyosis, and then being pregnant is not a problem at all.

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