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Distinguish adenomyoma from uterine fibroids
In treating a disease, what worries people most is the misdiagnosis. Once the disease is misdiagnosed, it not only adds difficulty to treatment, but also delays the treatment of the disease, making it worse. For example, the misdiagnosis rate of adenomyoma and uterine fibroids is high in clinic. Many people don't know the differences, and they are confused with these two diseases. Actually, however, they are different.
Differentiate them from the definition.
Adenomyoma refers to the lesion that forms in myometrium. When the ectopic endometrium concentrates together and forms a mass, it is called adenomyoma. As for uterine fibroids, it is a kind of benign tumor that originates in the womb. The difference between them is that one is a tumor while the other is not. 
Differentiate them from the symptoms.
Adenomyoma includes symptoms like secondary dysmenorrhea. And this illness changes with the menstruation. This illness is always the result of gynecological inflammation affecting the womb. (The author here reminds female friends to receive timely treatment once having gynecological inflammation. Patients can first take antibiotics to get a cure. However, if it is useless or the disease turns to a chronic one, females may as well try traditional Chinese medicine treatment such as fuyan pill. ) 
Uterine fibroid is different. Fibroid patients rarely have secondary dysmenorrhea and the disease does not change with menstruation. Causes of fibroids are not clear. It is generally believed to be concerned with the mutation of muscle layer cell and sex hormones.
Differentiate them through detailed checks
To avoid misdiagnosis, a detailed check is the best way to determine the disease. Through checks, it is visible that the womb of adenomyoma enlarges uniform while uterine fibroids tuberous. And if the patients are adenomyoma patients, stripe shadows will be seen when they accept a B ultrasound examination.
From the above introduction, patients can have an overview of the two diseases. In order to reduce the misdiagnosis rate, patients had better go to a hospital to conduct a comprehensive inspection. For small fibroids, the general western treatments are hormone drugs. However, as hormone drugs have great side effects, it is suggested that patients try TCM treatment which aims at promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. For example, the patented medicine fuyan pill can have very good effects. Of course, if the fibroids reach the operation indexes, surgical resection should fistly be adopted. And then patients can take fuyan pill to consolidate the curative effects. Wish all patients soon recovery!
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