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The Diet for Adenomyosis

As a common gynecological disease, adenomyosis of uterus is relatively hard to cure. Of course, the suitable treatment is necessary. At the same time, the sound diet is as important as the treatment.


As the saying goes, disease enters by the mouth. And there is also a saying in china food is the paramount necessity of the people. Therefore, when treating diseases, if people pay more attention to the daily diet, they can feel less pain, what is more, it also can cut down the process of treatment. So there are some tips of daily diet that are helpful to cure adenomyosis.


First, for adenomyosis patients, it is unsuitable to eat cold food. In the view of the Chinese medicine, the causes of this disease are related to the blockage of blood, retention of qi in the internal body etc. therefore, it will aggravate algomenorrhea if cold foods are not avoided, which include cold drinks, watermelon, banana, bitter gourd and so on. Meantime, it is better to avoid using air-condition in the summer.


Second, coffee and cigarette are banned for patients with adenomyosis, because blood vessels are affected if people drink coffee or smoke too much. Thereby, it is easy to cause the irregular menstruation. So patients should avoid those foods including coffee and nicotine like chocolate.


Third, acidic food like rice vinegar, pickles, green plum, carambola, cherry and mango, lemon is also avoided for them. With the same reasons as cold food, eating acidic food is not in favor of blood circulation. Therefore, patients, especially for ones with painful menstruation, have to give up this food in the daily life.


Last but not least, patients with adenomyosis cannot eat spicy food. Because spicy food may cause congestion and infection of pelvic cavity, which also can cause excessive constriction of uterine muscle, the symptom of painful menstruation would become severer if patients eat spicy food. Therefore, the spicy food including pepper, garlic and onion need to be kept far away from your diet.


After all, in order to keep the sound diet, for adenomyosis patients, they have to pay attention to supple enough mineral substance as important as keep the rich nutrition. For example, it is necessary to avoid eating too much sweet or salt food and eat more fresh vegetable, fruit, lean meat etc.


Besides the sound diet, the suitable treatment is also necessary. Because the healthy food just can be considered the adjuvant therapy. And the treatment of Chinese herbal medicine like fuyan pill has been accepted by more and more patients because of its remarkable effect and no side effect. 


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