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Preparations that you should pay attention to before taking adenomyosis dianogsis
Adenomyosis is a disease that has the uterine lining become implanted outside the uterus. This condition commonly occurs with the endometriosis and always brings heavy menstrual blood and pain to women. 
According to WHO, adenomyosis is a widely spread disease that almost 80% women can experience this condition once during their life-span. However, since this condition is easily mixed with the endometriosis, diagnosis is required. But what kind of precautions that women should pay attention to before taking test?
1. Make a prepare for your appointment
If you are a suspect of adenomyosis, before you to visit the doctor, it is better for you to write down your symptoms and rate the pain you have, including these symptoms that may seems unrelated to your condition. This preparation can help you to save time and allow you cover everything that you want to discuss.
2. Write down the questions you want to ask
It is wise to write down all the questions that you want to ask. You can list the important questions on the top and less important questions on the bottom, in case time runs out. 
3. Make a list of any medications or vitamin supplements you’ve taken
Most of the time, the symptoms can be a reaction of your body after taking medications. Therefore, it is necessary for you to list all the medication or vitamin supplements that you’ve taken, and this way can help the doctor narrow down the symptoms and give exact diagnosis.
4. Ask them again if you cannot understand what they say
If you still have any questions that do not understand, please feel free to ask the doctor to repeat the information or any questions that you are curious with. These questions can help you understand your condition better and allow yourself management yourself better. 
After diagnosis, if you are informed that affected the adenomyosis, doctor will give you some advices on  cure for adenomyosis. In addition to western medicine, herbal formula named Fuyan pill is another treatment that is commonly recommend by doctors. to cure your disease, depending on the health condition you have had, three months Fuyan pill are needed.

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