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Acupuncture is only effective for mild adenomyosis

 The treatment methods for adenomyosis become various under the speedily increased adenomyosis incidence. Although surgery is still the most frequently used method, due to the great trauma caused by surgery, more and more people turn to seek for help from TCM, such as acupuncture. So what’s the efficacy of acupuncture on curing adenomyosis?


The symptoms like irregular and painful menses of adenomyosis are considered as the result of sluggish blood and Qi by herbalist. Therefore, for them, they hold the view that sluggish blood and QI is the major problem that should be solved if they want to cure this condition. Because of these reasons, they believe that stimulating some certain acupoints, like Zhongji, Zigong, Zhusanli, Sanyinjiao, can improve the blood and the QI and cure the adenomyosis eventually.


However, this method only works on mild adenomyosis patient. As for the severe patient, the efficacy they can get is slight, because Acupuncture, as one of the common treatment methods in TCM, is commonly used with other treatments, due to the limited efficacy.


For these whose adenomyosis is severe, they should also take herbal medicine which can promote blood circulation to enhance the efficacy, because the blockage is too much to be unblocked by taking acupuncture only.


As is known, lots of herbal medicine is a combination of a large number of herbs which have similar functions, because this makes the efficacy of this function on the top. Herbs like Angelica sinensis, peach kernel and safflower carthamus which can promote blood circulation commonly are used in one formula. Therefore, for the adenomyosis sufferers, they should also eat herbal medicines like Fuyan pill to enhance the function and get a full recovery.

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