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Why White-collar women are more likely to get adenomyosis?
Adenomyosis belongs to progressive lesions; it has close relation with on artificial abortion, uterine damage. Adenomyosis patients would suffer from painful menstruation and serious vomiting every month.
There are some people wondering which group of people are easy to get adenomyosis? And why are these people at high risk of infecting with adenomyosis? The experts say that White-collar women are more likely to get adenomyosis. White-collar women who are likely to develop adenomyosis, basically has the following several reasons: 
1, Abuse of cesarean delivery operation to pursuit of "perfect” body figure when giving a birth. 
Many white-collar women in pregnancy near the childbirth, they insist to choose cesarean delivery operation. This way can not only keep the vagina tightening, but also reduce the vaginal pain during delivery. However, as it is known to all, a lot of people would bring endometrial debris into the incision at the time of cesarean section surgery. The lining inside the incision of scar would fall off with each menstrual bleeding later, and forming a hematoma bag piece or adhesions induration, thus adenomyosis occurs. The pain that they suffered every month makes them grief. Uterus is increasing gradually, intimal is becoming thickener and thickener, uterine adenomyoma even appears after the uterus wall or the front wall of uterus. Therefore, we should advocate have spontaneous vaginal delivery, follow the human reproductive process. 
2, have abortion to terminate pregnancy for business or other reasons, it is a common cause of adenomyosis among white-collar women. 
Many women in order to have a higher development in their field, once they get pregnant they would choose abortion. And induced abortion and diagnostic curettage of uterine cavity operation, such as excessive force, all can cause damage to uterine muscle wall. After endometrial damage, it will grow along with the wound and then head into the myometrium, thus adenomyosis occurs. 
3, the white-collar women pursue high quality life blindly, and having increased mucus estrogen supplements and food. 
Some white-collar women pursue high quality life or side body aesthetics blindly, and they have increasing mucus estrogen supplements or food. Actually these extreme adverse to them, and it is easy to induce adenomyosis. Because the endometrial debris that remains during an abortion surgery would transfer to the tissue surface later. They would continue to grow slowly, but under the effect of estrogen stimulation, the endometrial debris become bigger, and produces various kinds of clinical symptoms. 
In addition, there are also some white-collar women who have mild adenomyosis; they do not pay too much attention to their diets. They continue to eat food easy to increased estrogen or health care products even during the period of conservative treatment, further leading to adenomyosis and eventually had to choose the surgical removal of the uterus.
These are the reasons why women white-collar are more likely to get adenomyosis. So to keep away from adenomyosis, white-collar women can do some changes from these three aspects. When giving a birth, try to have spontaneous vaginal delivery. Then try your best to avoid abortion surgery, your healthy is much more important than your career. Last but not the last, have a healthy diet, don't pursuit perfect body figure blindly. 
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