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What can i do for feminine odor?

If you're looking for the answer about your body odors, here is the answer. Nowadays, many women are embarrassed by feminine odor, this issue is relatively common, almost every women will experience vaginal odor at some point during their lieftime. Actually, the vagina is a little smelly, and it is normal. Every woman has her own scent, so you are most sensitive to your own natural odor, if you notice any changes happening to the vaginal odor, you should pay attention to it.

A healthy vagina should not smell fishy, in many cases, fishy odor can be a symptom of gynecological dieases such as yeast infection, STIs or other bacterial infections. In addtion, a change in your discharge may also indicate the condition. Sometimes, the pelvic pain, lower back pain pain/burning with/after urination, irregular vaginal bleeding, frequent/urgent need of urination, pain during intercourse can accompany a feminine odor.

You can experience the above symptoms if you are suffering the following diseases:
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Vaginal yeast infection

What can i do for feminine odor?
Once suffering feminine odor caused by the above diseases, you should adopt appropriate treatment. The odor will be normal soon when the disease is completely cured. Fuyan Pill is one of the most effective treatments for these gynecological dieases, this herbal therapy is natural and safe.

what can i do for feminie odor



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