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Adenomyosis Treatment Options

Millions of women nowadays are suffering from the female diseases, as is widely known to all, and one of them is adenomyosis. The scientist has done a lot of research into the disease, but it isstill not clear if the disease will develop into infertility, because the patients also have endometriosis in most of the cause. What is adenomyosis? How does it come into being? And how should we choose the treatment?

Adenomyosis will occur when the inner lining of the uterus, also called endometrium, breaks through the muscles of the uterus. Once the disease happens to someone, then she is very likely to have painful menstrual periods, and feel bloating before the menstrual periods which will eventually develop into bleeding too much during periods. At the same time, she may also feel lower abdominal pressure. Even though it is not deadly for the female’s life, the disease has been considering harmful to a woman’s health.



Who Is likely to get the disease? According to researches and observations, the possibilities of getting the disease will increase if she has a child or she is in middle age, and a female is also at risk if she once had urinary surgery. To date, the causes of the disease are remain unknown to people, but studies indicate hormones may be relative, such as estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and some other hormones.

Nowadays, the only definitive way to diagnose the disease is to have a hysterectomy and have a examination of the tissue under a microscope, However, imaging technology has made it possible for doctors to recognize adenomyosis without surgery. Using MRI or transvaginal ultrasound, doctors can see characteristics of the disease in the uterus. There are also some other way to diagnose the disease, such as ultrasound, sonohysterography, and some other techniques.

Speaking of the treatment for adenomyosis, many people may think having a surgery like the removal of the uterus, but surgery does harm to the health of the female. With the development of the awareness of the health, an increasing number of females are seeking for better adenomyosis treatment options. In this case, the TCM will be a good choice.

Fuyan pill is herbal medicine for adenomyosis and it has no side-effects. Fuyan pill has a very powerful ability to kill every sort of bacteria in the reproductive organs, and is helpful for the blood circulation. Fuyan pill consists of many natural herbs, such as bupleurum Chinese angelica,bighead atractylodes rhizome, honey suckle flower, fructus forsythia and some others. All of the herbs are very useful for the disease to release the inflammation and kill bacteria, and will never have drug resistance compared with some medicines like antibiotics. So if you are still confused with what to choose, why not fuyan pill? Numerous women has recovered from the disease and become healthy again.


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