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Adenomyosis Treatment Options:Which One Will You Choose

Adnomyosis refers to the lining of the uterus, which is also called endometrium, breaks through  the wall muscle of the uterus and most commonly will get into posterior side or back wall of the uterus. When the hormones change monthly, the blood will probably trapped in the myometrium and this will lead to an enlarged uterus.

Adnomyosis is a common condition among females who is in their middle age, or those women who have children. Besides, some studies show that those who have a prior uterine surgery is at high risk of getting adenomyosis. Some statistics also show that patients with adenomyosis also are associated with endometriosis out of the uterus. As high as 62% of women who had hysterectomy were found to have this disease on pathology reports.


adenomyosis treatment options

There are usually three types of treatments for adenomyosis, including palliative therapy with pain medicines, hormone manipulation, and the traditional Chinese treatment, surgery such as hysterectomy which is the ultimate option for the doctor.

Conservative therapy includes medication and hormone treatment. For medication, most of doctors will probably choose painkillers to relieve the patients pain. This kind of medicines do have a positive impact on the relief of the pain, which can positively improve the quality of the females life, but the medicines do not directly treat the disease. Hormone treatment, which aims to lower the level of the estrogen, can regulate the menstrual periods in a short time. However, as the time goes by, the damage will still reach uterus. At last, the medicine will be useless for the disease.

If your pain is very severe, and otherer treatments like painkillers or hermone prove to be useless, then the doctor may recommend you to remove your uterus, which we call hysterectomy. A hysterectomy can be done through different ways: through the vagina, through the abdomen, or with laparoscopy. The choice will depend on why you are having the surgery and other factors. Sometimes, the decision is made after the surgery begins and the surgeon is able to see if other problems are present. Doing surgery may lead to some complications for the females, some females may even are at the risk of death.

The treatments above both have it merits and demerits, and they could not heal a patient naturally. The traditional Chinese Medicine holds the view that your body is an integrated whole, you are completely connected to nature, you were born with a natural self-healing ability, and prevention is the best cure, which are the four principle of the TCM. It believes all the disease can be cured by our own body, and if you follow the nature, then the disease will be eliminated.

Fuyan pill is a herbal medicine for adenomyosis following the four principles of the TCM, and it can cure the females diseases in a natural way. The medicine is made up with many traditional herbs like danggui, peach seeds and some other herbs. With this medicine, the patient can get the adenomyosis cured without much pain. In the long term, fuyan pill is a good option.



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