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Why does Adenomyosis Cause Heavy Menstrual Bleeding?

Adenomyosis patients usually follow with the symptom of irregular menstruation, which is one of the common phenomena, patients doesn’t need to worry too much about this. Irregular menstruation is mainly manifested by increased menstruation, however, many people lack the knowledge of disease, so most of the patients with adenomyosis do not know how to deal with the abnormal situation when they find it.


What is the reason for excessive menstruation? What should we do? Next we will talk about the relevant reasons and treatment methods.


I. Reasons
Chemical medicine believes that the pathogenesis of endometriosis is not completely clear, it is related to backwards flow of menstrual blood caused by estrogenic stimulation, sex and strenuous exercise during menstruation. Besides that, endocrine changes caused by emotional disorders can also lead to .if there is a family history of adenomyosis, the incidence will be much higher.
TCM medicine believes that adenomyosis belongs to the category of "dysmenorrhea", "Abdominal Lumps", "infertility" and is related to the pathogenic factors such as internal accumulation of sludged blood, cold coagulation and stagnation of the circulation of vital energy.
II. Treatment
Chemical medicine: hormone drugs (pseudomenopause, false pregnancy, Mirena) and High-intensity focused ultrasoun(HIFU), conservative surgical treatment is temporary excision of local lesions but with high recurrence, and need secondary surgery after relapse. Western medicine believes that hysterectomy is the only radical treatment, in addition, Western medicine does not believe there is any best solution or better treatment.
But for patients who do not want a surgery, it is best for them to take natural medicine . In the treatment of herbal medicine, we should not only take promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis as the principle, but also treat the causes of blood stasis and syndrome differentiation. The advantages of natural medicine in the treatment of adenomyosis are as follows:
First, it can not only avoid the injury caused by surgical treatment, but also take into account the causes of the patients and use drugs symptomatically. Second, no side effects of treatment will not affect the natural pregnancy rate after cure, it is more safe and reliable than chemical medicine. After the diagnosis of adenomyosis, patients may consider taking natural medicine Fuyan Pill to recuperate.
These are the reasons snd treatment of excessive menstruation caused by adenomyosis. If you suffer from adenomyosis, don't panic. All you need to do is to choose a professional hospital, actively diagnose and treat it, and do a good job of routine nursing at the same time, it will make your body recover as soon as possible. Remember to do early treatment, because adenomyosis has a serious impact, and you will be far away from all kinds of discomfort, cure will be much more easier, not ambiguous. 

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