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What Puts Office Lady at Higher Risk of Getting Adenomyosis?

Surveys show that in recent years, the incidence of adenomyosis has become higher and higher, especially in the office ladies, they even have dread about it. So why is adenomyosis so devastating? Why the white-collar ladies are vulnerable to adenomyosis? 

1. Abusing cesarean section due to “Perfectionism”
The cesarean section will keep the vagina tightened and reduce the severe pain during vaginal delivery, so many office ladies insist on having this operation when they are about to give childbirth. 
However, the endometrial debris will be brought into the abdominal incision accidentally through the cesarean section, and the endometrium will cause a hematoma mass or adhesion and sclerosis later in the incision scar with the menstrual flow, leading to adenomyosis. 
In addition, the uterus is enlarging, the endometrium is becoming thicker and thicker, and even adenomyoma will grow on the posterior or anterior wall of the uterus. Every month, these women will face increased menstrual flow, blood clots, darkening colors of the menstrual flow, intense pain, and even vomiting, a heavy heart, unstable emotion. Therefore, it is advocated that women should have a natural vaginal delivery and follow the traditional human reproductive process if the condition permits.
2. Abortions
A lot of women who struggle for their career chooses abortion once they are pregnant, but over-exertion of uterine cavity operations such as induced abortion and diagnostic curettage will cause damage to the uterine muscular wall. Later, the endometrium grows into the myometrium along with the injury site and induces adenomyosis.
3. Health products and food which are easy to increase estrogen
Some office ladies blindly pursue a high-quality life or beautiful figure, and they will eat high-estrogen health products or food. In addition to the daily consumption of honey, seafood, Royal jelly, and there are also some minerals. In fact, these foods are extremely harmful to them, which are most likely to induce adenomyosis. 
The residual endometrial debris which is transferred to the surface of the tissue during the operation, it should be a slow process of continuous growth, but under the stimulation and action of estrogen, it increases and produces various clinical symptoms.
Besides, there are some women with mild adenomyosis who do not pay attention to diet, and even continue to eat foods or health care products that easily increase estrogen during conservative treatment, resulting in further aggravation of the disease, and finally leading to the tragedy of having a hysterectomy.
Although patients with mild adenomyosis still have the chance to get pregnant, the pregnancy rate will gradually decrease with the cumulative aggravation of the disease. Even if they are pregnant, patients with severe adenomyosis may have an abortion or preterm delivery, and post-partum pregnancy caused by uterine rupture or perforation and uterine contraction, complications such as bleeding after giving births. So prompt treatment is crucial to the patients.
Regarding the treatment of adenomyosis, experts said that different treatment should be adopted according to the symptoms, age and fertility requirements of the patients, which are generally divided into drug treatment and surgical treatment.
Clinical practice has proved that the ectopic endometrium of adenomyosis has poor or no response to hormones. Therefore, the use of hormone drugs in the treatment of adenomyosis is not effective, surgical treatment is used more widely.
Patients with mild conditions without obvious symptoms or fertility requirements can be followed-up observed, postmenopausal hormone secretion decreases, the condition will be alleviated to a certain extent. If patients who need to retain the fertility, they can use conservative treatment to take surgical resection of the lesion, but it is easy to relapse, the recurrence rate is more than 40%within five years.
Most cases of adenomyosis can be completely cured by natural medicine treatment. TCM holds that many symptoms of adenomyosis are the signs of the disease, and the pathogenesis is blood stasis. 
Clinical treatment should be based on the basic pathogenesis and should distinguish between deficiency and excess. Especially for its main clinical symptoms, appropriate differentiation of diseases and differentiation of symptoms, kidney-tonifying, blood-activating, and blood-stasis-resolving should be taken to regulate the menstruation and promote ovulation and assist pregnancy, resolving blood stasis, etc. In addition, TCM treatment can relieve patients of psychological pressure and mental burden caused by surgery.
By using the Fuyan Pill, patients can promote the blood circulation of endometrium in a short time, gradually restore the normal function of the endometrium, the ectopic endometrium will disappear, the proliferated will gradually tissue soften, and finally dissipate. 
The main symptoms of the disease are dysmenorrhea, and Fuyan Pill can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, regulate the vital energy and relieve pain, relieve dysmenorrhea and other discomfort symptoms of patients, and reach the leison directly. Fuyan Pill can eliminate the cause of disease thoroughly so as to achieve the goal of thorough rehabilitation. Besides, it has no side effects and can prevent a recurrence.
Pursuing a life of high quality is good, but health is also important. Therefore, protecting the uterus, avoid the operation that may cause uterine injury, maintain normal pregnancy has a protective effect on the uterus. In addition, if women of childbearing age have secondary dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, and other symptoms, they should seek medical treatment in time to reduce the harm of the disease, early detection, and prompt treatment are the key to the radical cure of adenomyosis.

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