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Differences between Ovulation Pain and Dysmenorrhea

Ovulation pain is a kind of functional abdominal pain in women, and it often occurs between menstrual cycles; that is, the ovulation period. Usually, two ovaries in a woman ovulate in turn once a month, so abdominal pain occurs periodically once a month. Women often have alternating left and right lower abdomen pain. And dysmenorrhea occurs during the normal menstrual cycles.

ovulation pain
ovulation pain
Ovulation pain is a dull pain or abdominal distension pain. Therefore, it can not attract women's attention or cause serious harm. The pain lasts for about half a day to one day, and then it disappears. Unlike primary dysmenorrhea, this pain is caused by rupture of the follicle during ovulation and stimulation of the peritoneum by follicular fluid after ovulation. 
Women with dysmenorrhea may experience lower abdominal pain, abdominal distension, and soreness of waist to varying degrees before and after menstruation or during menstruation. In some severe cases, it can affect the life and work of patients significantly.
When patients with ovulation pain go to the hospital for treatment, the results can be completely normal during general gynecological examinations, and there are no pathological changes. With the increase in women's age and the accumulation of ovulation times, many people will gradually adapt to it. 
Because abdominal pain can be caused by a wide variety of causes, ranging from intestinal spasm because of cold food to malignant tumors of the digestive system.  ovulation abdominal pain is a physiological phenomenon, which does not affect health or future marriage and childbearing, so in general, no treatment is needed.
Dysmenorrhea may be caused by contraction of endometrium when it falls off or some gynecological diseases such as adenomyosis and endometriosis. Generally, the symptoms can alleviate through psychotherapy, adequate rest and sleep, regular and moderate exercise. For severe dysmenorrhea, when diet or psychological treatment is ineffective, drug treatment can be used. The most commonly used drugs are prostaglandin synthase inhibitors, oral contraceptives, and natural medicine Fuyan Pill; all of them have good curative effects in treating dysmenorrhea.

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