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Worst Food Choices for Adenomyosis Patients

Adenomyosis is a severe and complicated gynecological disease in the clinic. At present, in order to avoid the aggravation of the disease, patients must pay attention to daily health care in life, especially pay attention to the improvement of a dietary structure, and the following four foods are not suitable for patients with adenomyosis to eat.

Spicy food
Many women like to eat spicy food in their daily diet, but women with adenomyosis need to pay attention to the fact that spicy and stimulating food has strong stimulation to the uterus and can cause pelvic congestion. This situation will not only aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea but also aggravate the condition of adenomyosis. Therefore, for patients with adenomyosis, pepper, raw garlic, green onion, and other spicy food should be avoided as far as possible.
Warm food
Warm food such as jujube, longan, colla corii asini and so on have the effect of tonifying blood and activating blood circulation, and the patients with adenomyosis have heavy menstrual flow, so if you eat these hot food, it will not only aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, aggravate the condition of the disease, but also cause anemia in serious cases.
Hormones and high-fat food
Modern medicine believes that high estrogen is closely related to the disease, the higher the estrogen is, the more serious the patient's condition will be. So the hormone-containing foods such as Royal jelly, honey and so on should also be avoided. In addition, high-fat foods can not only cause hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and other diseases but also promote the secretion of estrogen in patients.
Cold food
In daily life, there is so many cold foods, such as watermelon, mung bean, crab, various cold drinks, etc. And these foods will lead to blood stasis in the body, which will aggravate the condition of adenomyosis and dysmenorrhea symptoms, so these foods can not be eaten by patients.
In addition, in order to achieve better therapeutic effect, patients can also use traditional Chinese medicine to regulate their body, such as the patent natural Fuyan Pill invented by Dr. Lee Xiaoping in Wuhan, because it has the functions of clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, invigorating spleen, and dampness, it can not only effectively treat adenomyosis, but also help patients to balance Qi and blood, and improve immunity. 

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