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Adenomyosis Makes You Gain Weight? It Is Not True

"Doctor, I've gained 30 kilograms recently. I also have some friends who get adenomyosis around me, why didn't they gain weight?" A female patient came to Dr. Lee's office and said sadly.

Will adenomyosis Make You Fat?
Adenomyosis refers to the diffuse or localized lesion of endometrial glands and stroma invading the myometrium of the uterus. It is a common gynecological disease. Dysmenorrhea is the most typical symptom, accompanied by increased menstruation and prolonged menstruation. Generally, adenomyosis occurs in women aged 30 to 50 who have given birth.
Young women who have not given birth have a relatively low incidence of this symptom, which is related to the increase of various uterine cavity operations such as cesarean section and induced abortion. However, adenomyosis is not related to weight gain. Under the doctor's inquiry, it is found that this patient has been placed Mirena in three months ago.
What is Mirena?
Mirena is the only local drug contraception method available at present, and it ensures that a small amount of progesterone can be released locally and steadily for the next five or six years, thus inhibiting pregnancy and achieving a very reliable contraceptive effect. It can cause temporary atrophy and inhibit the growth of the endometrium, effectively control the menstrual flow, shorten bleeding days, and achieve the purpose of treatment.

So why do you get fat when you use Mirena?
Adenomyosis is actually an estrogen-dependent disease, and Mirena is a hormone ring, so some patients will be obese. Obesity is a side effect of Mirena; in addition, amenorrhea, unclean or incisive blood, breast swelling, loss of libido, pelvic infection, and other side effects of Mirena can also be observed. Therefore, if patients want to treat adenomyosis effectively, you may as well try a more safe and effective traditional Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill.
In the treatment of adenomyosis, you can not only treat the symptoms but strive to conduct comprehensive conditioning of patients through traditional Chinese medicine from the holistic treatment. Fuyan Pill can help patients to regulate the whole body in order to improve the reproductive system environment and immunity. In addition, there is another great advantage of traditional Chinese medicine treatment that it will not produce any side effects, so patients can take it at ease.
In fact, it is not just Mirena, such as some contraceptives, amenorrhea drugs containing hormones will also cause obese. Because of its inhibition, delayed ovulation and inhibition of endometrium, the contraceptive pill can delay the next menstruation, or temporarily increase the hormone level in the blood caused by temporary medication.
After the drop of the hormone, withdrawal bleeding occurred and manifested as premature menstruation. The side effects of the contraceptive pill may lead to endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, infertility, or gastrointestinal discomfort, headache, weight gain. 
Plus, nervous tension, depression, skin spots, and acne, etc. Contraceptives should not be used more than three times a year and only once a month. Other safe contraceptive measures are recommended.
Of course, lifestyle and eating habits can also cause obesity. Adhere to regular exercise every day can help you maintain good body shape, reduce the possibility of obesity. At the same time, patients should avoid food containing estrogen, such as soybeans, dates, honey, and so on. In particular, you should pay attention to some health care products, which will lead to hormone imbalance in the body, aggravate the condition, or lead to other diseases.
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