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Is Ultrasound Ablation Treatment of Adenomyosis Effective?
Currently, hysterectomy is often used for the treatment of adenomyosis cases which is drug treatment is ineffective . However, hysterectomy will not only cause physical trauma, but also have some adverse effects on psychology and physiology. So at present, surgical treatment is not the best choice. High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a new technology in recent years, which can be used for non-invasive and non radioactive treatment of solid tumors.
If women over 30 years old suffer from adenomyosis, the patients are more likely to have secondary dysmenorrhea symptoms, and the patients will have progressive pain, aggravating dysmenorrhea symptoms. It can be said that dysmenorrhea is the main symptom of adenomyosis.
And the reason behind it is that the patient's endometriosis in the myometrium will change with the menstrual cycle, but also caused by periodic changes. The uterus has a spasmodic contraction and severe dysmenorrhea. So, is it really effective as it is said?
Step / method:
In the treatment of adenomyosis, ultrasound ablation mainly uses low-energy ultrasound to penetrate the human body tissue, target at the target area of the focus, achieve instant high temperature in the target area of the focus through the biological thermophilic effect, make the target area focus tissue coagulate and necrosis, fall off and remove or be absorbed in the later metabolic process.
This step is to achieve the purpose of damaging the lesions and make the structure of the lesions return to normal function, so as to achieve the goal. This technique has the advantages of noninvasive, safe, and low recurrence rates in the treatment of adenomyosis. It is an ideal choice for patients who have fertility requirements or higher quality of sexual life.
In general, Hifu ablation of adenomyosis is an effective way to control and relieve the symptoms of adenomyosis on the premise of retaining the uterus, but it can not play a radical role.
Disadvantages of ultrasound ablation for adenomyosis:
Ultrasound ablation for adenomyosis usually can not accurately control the intensity of energy on the ablated focus, and because of the characteristics of adenomyosis diffuse focus, it also has some limitations in locking the focus. Generally speaking, ultrasound ablation has a certain effect on the treatment of hysteromyoma, but it can not eliminate the pathological basis for adenomyosis. The recurrence rate is very high. Generally, it will recur within three months, and the effect is not obvious.
According to its clinical symptoms and signs, adenomyosis can be classified as dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, and prolonged menstruation. According to the understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, adenomyosis is related to blood stasis, and the formation of blood stasis is related to cold coagulation, Qi stagnation, phlegm-dampness, and other pathogenic factors.
Therefore, in the treatment, we should not only take the principle of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis but also give consideration to the causes of blood stasis and the degree of weakness. Generally, traditional Chinese medicine with the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can be used, such as Fuyan Pill.
It is composed of several dozens of herbs such as bupleurum, Poria cocos, angelica, peach kernel, and so on. It can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clear heat and detoxification, and strengthen spleen and promote dampness. It can not only avoid the damage caused by surgery, but also take overall consideration and overall conditioning.
Starting from the etiology of the patients, symptomatic medication so that Fuyan Pill can play a curative effect. The treatment without side effects will not affect the natural pregnancy rate after treatment, which is more safe and reliable. Therefore, patients may consider the conservative treatment of Fuyan Pill after diagnosis.
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