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How to Get Rid of Anaemia Caused by Heavy Periods Due to Adenomyosis?
Patients with adenomyosis will have the problem of heavy periods, so many they usually will have anemia at the same time. When you are in the state of anemia, the hemoglobin is reduced, the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood is reduced, and hypoxia occurs in the whole body tissues and organs, thus causing a series of harm to the body. Today we will talk about the harm caused by anemia.
1. General information
A. Poor physical strength: you are easy to be tired and sleepy, which is a common manifestation of anemia.
B. Poor complexion: pale face, lips, eyelids, and nail bed.
C. Fever: people with severe anemia may have low fever.
D. Mental state: there are also people with mental disorders, such as agitation, melancholy, etc.
E. Others: dry skin, lack of glossiness of hair, clubbing fingers, etc.


2. Cardiovascular system
Chest tightness, panic, shortness of breath often occurs, and some people with severe conditions can have a compensatory increase of the heart or angina, heart failure, and so on.
3. Nervous system
When the position changes, there is often temporary blackness, which is the manifestation when anemia affects the nervous system. Other common symptoms include dizziness, headache, tinnitus, inattention, insomnia, slow response, etc.
4. Digestive system
Anorexia is a common digestive tract symptom, and anorexia, abdominal distention, nausea, and other symptoms may also appear.
5. Urogenital system
The urine color may deepen, albuminuria may occur; In some severe conditions, sexual desire will decrease, soy sauce colored, or thick tea-colored urine, and so on can also happen. The common symptom of female patients is irregular menstruation.
How to solve this problem?
Dietary therapy:
It is necessary to eat more fish, liver, blood, lean meat, egg yolk, and other foods rich in iron, among which animal iron biological activity is high and easy to be absorbed and utilized by the human body. However, iron in plants like soybeans and spinach is not easily absorbed by the stomach.
In the diet, we should try our best to match meat and vegetable and eat more animal food appropriately, especially the whole blood of animals, which is not only rich in iron but also rich in high-quality protein. It is a cheap and good recommended food for menstruation, of course, red meat is also very suitable.
Of course, if your anemia is more serious, you can use some blood tonics to replenish blood. Generally, you can add iron and VC, such as ferrous sulfate and VC tablets, and take them together after meals.
But the root cause of anemia due to menorrhagia is adenomyosis, and the severity of menorrhagia depends on the size of the focus. Long-term bleeding will also increase the risk of women suffering from reproductive tract inflammation. Therefore, once the patients find themselves from the above symptoms, they should go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.
There is often ectopic focus in the patients with adenomyosis. Mild patients can use painkillers; if painkillers are difficult to relieve, they can use pseudo menopause therapy or pseudopregnancy therapy.
Nevertheless, the focus range is relatively large, surgical treatment is recommended, and adenomyosis focus removal or hysterectomy can be selected. But surgery is not the only treatment, and it is difficult to achieve a cure, the recurrence rate is also very high.
If the above treatment is still ineffective, you can choose the traditional Chinese herbal medicine Fuyan Pill for treatment, especially for patients with strong fertility requirements. Fuyan Pill has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and Qi, strengthening the spleen, and promoting dampness.
It can effectively remove the virus infection, regulate menstruation, repair endometrial trauma, treat adenomyosis from various aspects, and improve the pregnancy rate of women. If the patient chooses surgical treatment and recurrence occurs, Fuyan Pill can also be chosen as consolidated treatment.
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