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How to Get Rid of Anaemia Caused by Heavy Periods Due to Adenomyosis?

Patients with adenomyosis will have the problem of heavy periods, so many they usually will have anemia at the same time. When you are in the state of anemia, the hemoglobin is reduced, the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood is reduced, and hypoxia occurs in the whole body tissues and organs, thus causing a series of harm to the body. Today we will talk about the harm caused by anemia.
1. General information
A. Poor physical strength: you are easy to be tired and sleepy, which is a common manifestation of anemia.
B. Poor complexion: pale face, lips, eyelids, and nail bed.
C. Fever: people with severe anemia may have low fever.
D. Mental state: there are also people with mental disorders, such as agitation, melancholy, etc.
E. Others: dry skin, lack of glossiness of hair, clubbing fingers, etc.

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