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How Can You Get Pregnant When Having Adenomyosis?



Adenomyosis is a diffused or localized disease in which endometrial glands and stroma invade the myometrium. It mostly occurs in women between 30 and 50 years old. About 15% of them are associated with endometriosis, and about 50% are associated with uterine fibroids.

It is not clear how the disease occurs. But it is generally believed in the medical community that it may be related to the following aspects: heredity, viral infection, uterine damage, estrogen, genital tract obstruction, etc.
In fact, adenomyosis is a special case of endometriosis. Generally, the lining of the uterus exists in the uterine cavity. When some similar tissues grow in the pelvic cavity and abdominal cavity, endometriosis will occur. If they drill into the myometrium, adenomyosis will be the consequence.
30% to 50% of patients with adenomyosis are infertile. The longer you have it, the less likely you are to become pregnant.
The causes of infertility are as follows.
1. The uterine cavity environment is harsh, and the fertilized egg cannot develop normally.
2. Lesions lead to tubal obstruction, affecting insemination.
3. Inflammation causes tubal adhesion and obstruction, leading to infertility.
How is adenomyosis treated?
The treatment of adenomyosis should be based on the patient's age, fertility requirements, symptoms, degree of lesions and other conditions.
1. Medication
Currently, there are no effective drugs for the radical cure of adenomyosis. Drug therapy can be selected for patients with mild symptoms and fertility requirements. For the adenomyosis caused by infection, patients can take Fuyan Pill, which has a bactericidal effect. In combination with other treatments, patient's condition can be improved.
2. Surgery
As for young patients with adenomyosis, excision is usually preferred. But you need to know, the removal of lesions usually cannot completely cure the disease, which means the recurrence rate is high. Surgery is not a cure-all, and it may destroy the uterus form and shrink its volume, and make pelvic cavity stuck together, thus affecting the female ability to have children. 
At present, the focused ultrasound ablation surgery can cure adenomyosis without trauma. It can eliminate the thickened lesion area and inhibit the function of the ectopic endometrium, improve the uterus's pregnant conditions and promote fertility.
For women with mild symptoms, it is recommended that they should go to the hospital and prepare for pregnancy according to the doctor's diagnosis. If necessary, IVF can be used to facilitate pregnancy.
For women with severe symptoms and obvious uterine lesions, whether to take hysterectomy depends on the doctor's diagnosis and treatment. Those who want to have children can use the third-party assisted reproduction method to get pregnant.
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