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Daily Medic: Seven Factors That Cause Adenomyosis In Female

In fact, uterine diseases like adenomyosis are relatively common in females, which are difficult to heal on their own without treatment. Moreover, if left untreated for too long, the following harms may be caused in patients with adenomyosis:

1. Causes menorrhagia and anemia
2. Causes dysmenorrhea, which gets worsened month by month.
3. Leads to infertility in females.
What caused adenomyosis? Seven factors can not be sneezed at.
1. Improper uterine operation
In the course of an uterine operation, such as cesarean section, uterotomy during the second trimester, hysteromyoma removal, uterine malformation correction and so on, it is very likely to bring endometrial fragments into the myometrium, and may also damage the myometrium, thus increasing the incidence of adenomyosis. This is by far the biggest cause of adenomyosis.
2. Age factor
Adenomyosis usually occurs in women between the ages of 30 and 50. In this age group, women are in the range of menopause, their ovaries begin to decline or atrophy and age, and also decrease ovulation or stop ovulating.  Their estrogen level increases relatively, and progesterone level becomes relatively low, making ovarian function maladjusted. If the estrogen level inside the body is too high, the endometrium will be excessive hyperplasia, which will spread to the uterus myometrium, thus inducing adenomyosis.
Experts point out that the female that has given birth to a child is more likely to get adenomyosis than the female that does not have a child, which is to say that the onset of adenomyosis and progesterone are related.
4. Genetic factors
Adenomyosis shows familial aggregation and genetic tendency. Clinical discoveries have proved that if a woman has the adenomyosis, her mother, sister, grandmother and other family members may also have this disease. But medical experts think that the incidence of adenomyosis caused by genetic factors is related to environmental factors.
5. Reproductive tract obstruction
Congenital or acquired diseases can lead to reproductive tract obstruction, so that menstrual blood can not flow out, thereby causing adenomyosis. This is also an important reason.
6. Bad lifestyle
Especially heavy smoking and drinking, long-term intake of high-fat food, long-term staying up late, unhealthy sexual life and excessive pressure at ordinary times can lead to many diseases. It's completely personal and can induce adenomyosis.
7.Eat foods that increase estrogen levels frequently
For example, daily consumption of honey, seafood, royal jelly, mineral essence and other health products. In fact, these things are adverse to women in a sense, which may be likely to induce adenomyosis. Since these foods increase the amount of estrogen in the body.
As a result, you should give up some bad habits in daily life, to better prevent the adenomyosis. When you have suffered from this problem, you can take the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to save your body health, which can help you to solve inflammation, tubal adhesion and blockage, and also improve the menstruation as well as the reproduction system. It has no side effects, so patients can effectively achieve a complete cure through this method.
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