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Does Adenomyosis Affect Female Life Expectancy?

Adenomyosis, which is also a benign disease, is perhaps one of the most common gynaecopathia. It hardly puts women in danger, however, it delivers unspeakable pain to them. And it exists for a long time.

The cause of developing adenomyosis is too complex to say. Generally speaking, That the lining of the uterus moved to myometrium lead to a series of symptoms.
Adenomyosis is a special type of endometriosis, but adenomyosis is not a malignant disease, so it does not threaten a woman's life and does not affect how long you will live. For women with adenomyosis, they will live as long as their fellow. So adenomyosis has nothing to do with how long women live.
Normally, there are some following symptoms in women with adenomyosis.
They often feel pain during periods. As time goes by, the condition will get worse. Besides, their menstrual volume may be heavy. If tested, the endometrium is not evenly distributed. Their uterus grows larger during or around menstruation, which gradually shrinks later.
On top of that, over half of women with adenomyosis may develop adenomyoma. The condition also leads to anemia and infertility in women.
Also, women with chronic adenomyosis are not eager to have sex and they are prone to be frigid. The disease leaves a terrible impression on women due to pain during sex, thus they refuse to have sex.
There are many ways to treat adenomyosis. You can choose the right treatment according to your age, fertility needs, and other factors.
For most women with adenomyosis, doctors tend to recommend conservative treatment, especially for younger women. If conservative treatment does not work, they will consider surgery. 
Your doctors tend to recommend you with Mirena, which reduces the amount of blood in each period and relieves menstrual pain. 
The first drug, GnRH-a, is one of the most effective treatments for women with adenomyosis. 
The second drug is oral short-acting contraceptives. It can act directly on the endometrium and ectopic endometrium, resulting in endometrium atrophy and reduced menstrual volume, thus playing a role in relieving symptoms.
There is another useful choice, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. It can effectively kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses. It can also treat uterine inflammation and relieve the pain of women with adenomyosis. At the same time, you don’t need to worry the drug resistance. As a herbal medicine, it can also adjust your menstrual cycle and volume. 
There are conservative surgery and radical surgery. For those women who are younger, have fertility requirements, and have local adenomyosis, they can remove adenomyosis with a laparoscope. But this surgery will lead to a relapse because of the wide lesions.
For patients with no fertility requirements, and have unbearable menstrual pain,  doctors often perform a total hysterectomy and decide to keep the ovaries based on whether patients want to have a baby. But, no matter what type of surgery they choose, it doesn't reduce female life expectancy.
As a benign lesion, adenomyosis brings women huge pain. Conservative treatment is easy to relapse because of the difficulty of adenomyosis treatment, so there are some guesses: Is this a malignant disease? How could it be so difficult to cure?
But in reality, adenomyosis is rarely malignant, and the disease grows very slowly in women after menopause. So it's not likely to affect female life expectancy.
Although the rate of malignant change of adenomyosis is low, you still need to have a regular gynecological examination. In this way, you can be diagnosed and treated in the early of the condition.
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