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Does Adenomyosis Require to Remove the Uterus?

Adenomyosis refers to the phenomenon that the endometrium grows into the basal layer of the uterus. It belongs to endometriosis. In recent years, the incidence of adenomyosis has increased. The cause of this disease is not clear so far. The symptoms are irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, etc., which can also lead to the appearance of female infertility symptoms. There will be a pain in the process. Its harm to the body is great.

What should patients do with adenomyosis? Remove the uterus?
The appearance of adenomyosis is clinically considered to be related to the secretion of hormones in the body. It is caused by various reasons that the endometrium is not eliminated from the body with menstrual blood but is a disease formed by diffuse growth at the grassroots level. 
The most typical symptom of this disease is the uniform enlargement of the uterus and gradually worsening dysmenorrhea. The degree of individual illness may vary. In terms of treatment, there are medications, surgical treatments, etc. Which specific treatment method is better? The patient's condition needs to be comprehensively considered.
The treatment of this disease can be effectively relieved by some drugs, such as Fuyan Pill. If the condition is serious, it is possible to remove the uterus. The specific conditions of the patients are not exactly the same. The degree of uterine enlargement, the speed of the disease development, etc., are all factors that need to be referred to in treating the disease. The specific choice depends on the patient’s condition, and it does not necessarily require the removal of the uterus.
As we all know, the uterus is a unique organ of women, and women cannot give birth without the uterus. Therefore, if the condition is not particularly serious, it is best to take conservative treatment. No one wants to remove the uterus when it is not the last resort. 
Clinically, if the size of the uterus is not very large, and the disease did not last long, it is generally recommended to treat it with drugs. Patients can take TCM Fuyan Pill for the treatment of adenomyosis to promote blood circulation and relieve dysmenorrhea. Or through the use of intrauterine contraceptive devices to alleviate the symptoms.
However, if the condition is more serious: the uterus is relatively large, it is compressed to other surrounding organs, the dysmenorrhea is severe, or the effect of multiple treatments is not good, surgical removal of the uterus can be considered. Because conservative treatment can no longer cure this disease, it is important to control the spread of adenomyosis. Removal of the uterus is the best treatment. Otherwise, it will lead to life-threatening disease.
During the treatment, patients have to choose a regular hospital. Blind treatment will not cure the disease but cause the infection to spread more severely. There is still hope of cure if patients adjust their mentality and cooperate with the doctor's active treatment. Therefore, it is best to treat as soon as possible after discovering the condition and not regret it when the uterus must be removed.
After the operation, the patient must do a good job of nursing, pay attention to their daily diet and living habits. It is best to eat some easy-to-digest foods, do not stay up late at night, develop the good habit of going to bed early, get up early, and drink plenty of water every day. It is best to stay away from alcohol and tobacco. 
The most important thing is to adjust your mentality and not to have too much pressure. Don't eat some spicy food. Eat more light and nutritious food to restore your health quickly. Women must cleanse themselves during their daily life and protect their sex life to avoid unwanted pregnancy because this disease is still related to intrauterine surgery.
Therefore, adenomyosis does not necessarily require the removal of the uterus. Early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment can improve or cure the disease in time. Pay more attention to your daily diet and keep warm during menstruation to improve the symptoms of the disease.
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