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Warnings of Worsening Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is a type of endometriosis, which refers to the growth of the endometrium into the uterine muscles. When menstruation comes every month, the inner lining of the muscle bleeds and cannot be discharged out of the body, forming a blood pack. With the advent of each menstruation, the blood bag gets bigger and bigger, which will cause severe pain.


So far, no exact factors have been found for the reasons of adenomyosis. It is generally believed that the prevalent factors are related to intrauterine operations such as abortion, normal delivery, cesarean section, upper ring, and ring removal. However, there are also some patients with adenomyosis who have no history of sexual life, so there is no definite conclusion about the cause of adenomyosis.


Adenomyosis mostly occurs in women who have given birth, but it can also be seen in young women who have not given birth. This may be related to the increase in various uterine cavity operations. Many women take their own checklists and ask if their condition has worsened. Actually, it’s decided by what symptoms they have. 


What are the warnings of worsening adenomyosis?



1. Increased dysmenorrhea.


Once menstrual period, women with worsening adenomyosis are bedridden, it must be relieved by taking painkillers, anal plugs, and injection of painkillers. Sometimes it is even necessary to increase the dose of drugs to barely relieve the pain. The pain seriously affects patients’ normal life and work.


2. Stomach pain during non-menstrual period.


Patients with adenomyosis generally have a regular pattern: the pain is mild at first, and the duration of the pain is short. But as the condition gets worse, the pain may be longer and longer, and the edema of the lesion is getting worse and worse. This is the worsening of the condition.


3. Severe anemia.


Excessive menstrual volume is one of the main symptoms of adenomyosis. Due to excessive menstrual volume and failure to replenish blood in time, some patients will develop anemia, and severe anemia can also bring harm to the body.



4. Anal bulging feeling.


In patients with anal bulging sensation, it is usually because the lesion is located on the back wall of the uterus. When the condition worsens and the lesion enlarges, it will be compressed to the rectum, which will cause the anus to fall and swell during menstruation.


5. Enlarged uterus.


The uterus is very unsafe, and the possibility of patients becoming cancerous will increase. In addition, the uterus is too large will also lead to a bad environment in the uterine cavity, which is also very detrimental to the conception of adenomyosis patients with fertility requirements.


6. Dripping menstruation and continuous bleeding.


After adenomyosis worsen, the patient will experience continuous dripping menstruation. For patients with adenomyosis, no matter how much the menstrual volume is during menstruation, it will only disappear after the menstrual period. But after worsen adenomyosis, it will bleed all the time, the volume is not much, but it takes a long time. It is recommended to go to the hospital for a diagnostic curettage, which is to scrape out the endometrium a little to send pathological risk, and to see if there is the possibility of malignant transformation.




Therefore, whether the patient's adenomyosis is serious or not, it cannot be seen from the B-ultrasound sheet only, the key is to consider the symptoms and manifestations. If the symptoms of patients with adenomyosis are still tolerable, they can choose to continue to observe and not undergo uterine preservation surgery.


During the observation, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill can be used to control and treat adenomyosis. It can avoid the damage caused by surgery, treating the disease from the root. And it will not cause side effects, nor will it affect the natural pregnancy rate after cure. As long as the patients are treated actively, they can generally get a cure.


But when the condition gets worse, the patient needs to be treated as soon as possible, so as to avoid more pain when the condition gets worse again!


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