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What To Do If Adenomyosis Causes Enlarged Uterus?

Under ultrasound, adenomyosis is mainly manifested as a significant uterus enlargement, mainly in the size of 2-3 months of pregnancy. The uterine enlargement of adenomyosis is characteristic, based mainly on the thickening of the posterior wall of the uterus. The thickened area has a higher echo, but it will be interspersed with a hypoechoic site.



Causes of enlarged uterine with adenomyosis.


Adenomyosis is formed from endometriosis to the myometrium. Adenomyosis usually occurs in women who have undergone parturients. The normal endometrium only grows on the surface of the uterine cavity. If it grows below a specific range and invades the muscle layer, it becomes adenomyosis. It is secondary to dysmenorrhea and gradually worsens, that is, the increase in menstrual flow and the occurrence of dysmenorrhea. 


The uterine enlargement in adenomyosis is mainly because the ectopic endometrium is in the myometrium. With the menstrual cramps every month, the ectopic endometrium in the muscular will also experience bleeding. Under normal circumstances, the uterus will expand during menstruation, but it will return to normal after the menstrual period.


Suffering from adenomyosis will have a relatively unfavorable impact on females' daily life and physical health. The main reason for this situation is that personal hygiene is not suitable, eating irritating food or drugs, etc.


If the uterus enlargement caused by adenomyosis is a pathological phenomenon, it needs to be improved by effective methods to eliminate the harm of adenomyosis. Women should go to the hospital for examination and follow the doctor's arrangement to determine the appropriate treatment plan for the specific treatment method.



What should one do if the uterus is enlarged in adenomyosis?


Adenomyosis is not terrible, and it can be treated with drugs or surgery, early detection, and early treatment. Enlargement of the uterus is not a big problem, because after all, it is benign lesions, and most of them do not affect pregnancy. 


The enlarged uterus also has limited influence on the surrounding organs and tissues and may cause constipation due to pressure on the rectum. It may also compress the bladder and cause frequent urination. In clinical practice, these phenomena still rarely occur. Therefore, the treatment of uterine enlargement does not lie in the uterus.


Understanding the cause of uterine enlargement is the standard for the treatment of primary adenomyosis. It causes serious harm to uterine health and affects female menstruation. At this time, patients should be alert to the expansion of adenomyosis. After the onset, treatment should be based on the symptoms, age, and fertility requirements. For example, early adenomyosis, young women or women with fertility requirements, can be treated with drugs, such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which can shrink the ectopic lesions and restore the enlarged uterus to normal, thereby achieving the purpose of treatment.


But, if the uterus shrinks after menopause, medication and surgical treatment will not help. If the dysmenorrhea is severe, the medication is ineffective, or there is no fertility requirement, hysterectomy can be performed. A total hysterectomy is the best method for patients with severe symptoms, no fertility requirements, or ineffective drug treatment.


Through conventional treatment, female adenomyosis will generally be relieved. After the treatment of female adenomyosis, the uterus will no longer continue to grow. After the treatment is cured, pay attention to follow-up observations. If women feel uncomfortable, go to the hospital for re-examinations to find out the cause of the disease.



The dangers of adenomyosis


1. Adenomyosis leads to infertility. 


In recent years, with the widespread use of uterine cavity techniques, some young women also have the disease in women aged 16-30, and women of childbearing age can also cause infertility.


2. Adenomyosis causes menorrhagia. 


Although the traditional view is that the uterine volume increases and the endometrial area increases, it can increase the chance of bleeding, however, the current clinical observation of adenomyosis is often less than three months in pregnancy. 


3. Adenomyosis causes the uterus to enlarge. 


Gynecological examinations can often find that the uterus enlarges, enlarging during or after menstruation, and gradually becoming smaller. However, it does not exceed the size of 3 months of pregnancy. If it is more significant than three months, it often indicates complications.


Female patients can be treated by conventional methods, such ad the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. Suppose the problem of adenomyosis and uterus enlargement is not treated in time. In that case, it will quickly lead to infertility problems. It will also affect normal female menstruation, so women must be careful about it and use the correct method to treat adenomyosis accordingly.


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