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Is Hysterectomy Necessary In Adenomyosis?

Many patients with adenomyosis suffer from dysmenorrhea, enlarged uterus, heavy menstrual flow, prolonged menstruation, painful intercourse, and even anemia, infertility, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Adenomyosis is a disease caused by the ectopic growth of the endometrium invaded into the myometrium. The lesions grow together with normal uterine muscle tissue. The boundary between the two is not clear, and it isn't easy to eliminate cleanly. Therefore, many doctors believe that hysterectomy is the only way to treat adenomyosis.



Hysterectomy means removing the uterus. Adenomyosis causes irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea in women and leads to female infertility. There will be pain during intercourse, so the harm is relatively significant. The patient should be treated as soon as possible so as not to cause more severe damage. If the condition is not painful, it can be relieved by some medication such as the Fuyan Pill. If the condition is serious, the uterus may need to be removed.


For patients with adenomyosis, it does not mean that the uterus must be removed. The uterus is essential for women, and they cannot give birth without the uterus. Therefore, if the condition is not particularly serious, it is best to take conservative treatment. 


Patients can take some medication to treat adenomyosis, such as Fuyan Pill. The herbal ingredient of the Fuyan Pill will not cause side effects on the body. Through the use of intrauterine contraceptive devices, it can alleviate the symptoms of adenomyosis. Patients need to adjust their mentality and cooperate with the doctor's active treatment, and there is still hope of a cure. During the treatment period, patients must pick a regular hospital. Blind treatment will not only not cure, but it will also cause the disease to spread more severely.



However, if the condition is more serious, the patient should still remove the uterus because conservative treatment can no longer cure the disease. Removal of the uterus is the best treatment in severe cases. Otherwise, it will lead to life-threatening. After the operation, patients should not eat spicy food, eat more light and nutritious food, and restore patients' health quickly. Women must keep clean during their daily life and protect their sex life to avoid accidental pregnancy.


After the operation, the patient must do an excellent nursing job; it is best to eat some easy-to-digest foods, do not stay up late at night, develop the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, and drink plenty of water every day. It is best to stay away from alcohol and tobacco. The most important thing is to adjust mentality and not to have too much pressure.


For the treatment of adenomyosis, if the symptoms are mild, medication can be given, such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. If the symptoms are severe, surgery is necessary. 


If the uterus was removed, the internal organs will lose support and develop urinary tension incontinence. In addition, it may also cause problems such as insomnia and depression in women. These are all adenomyosis patients need to understand. Removal of the uterus will have a particular impact on women, both physically and psychologically, and it is even related to the stability of marriage and family. 


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