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Adenomyosis—Bearing Menstrual Pain? What are the Signs of Adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease. Patients with adenomyosis will experience menstrual pain and menstrual disorders. Most patients will experience increased menstrual flow and prolonged periods.



The signs of adenomyosis:


1. Dysmenorrhea is a common symptom of adenomyosis. Most patients will have dysmenorrhea and menstrual discomfort. To be alert to adenomyosis, women with prolonged dysmenorrhea need to go to the hospital for detailed examination and take appropriate measures on time to regulate and promptly investigate gynecological diseases.


2. Menstrual changes alert adenomyosis. Most patients will appear menstrual changes, the majority of patients will appear a sudden increase in the amount of menstruation, and the symptoms of prolonged periods will appear. While a few patients will appear before and after the menstrual bleeding phenomenon, women should understand adenomyosis signs.


3. Adenomyosis patients will appear with abdominal distension and pain. They will also be accompanied by spasmodic pain. Adenomyosis patients after excessive exertion symptoms have increased, rest after the disease has been alleviated. The patient's condition varies from sign to symptom. Women should do a good job of prevention of adenomyosis and fully understand its symptoms.


If adenomyosis is diagnosed, patients need symptomatic treatment according to their different conditions. Symptomatic treatment is available for those who have mild symptoms and only require relief from menstrual pain. For patients with mild symptoms and no need to have children or near menopause, oral contraceptives or progestins can control the development of adenomyosis by molting and atrophying the ectopic endometrium.


For chronic adenomyosis, female patients with fertility needs can be treated with medication, such as the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill. Fuyan Pill is made up of natural and harmless herbs that do not have side effects and nourish the body. The herbal medicine can increase the chances of a natural pregnancy after the patient is cured, and the patient can prepare for pregnancy sometime after healing.



How to prevent adenomyosis?


1. Women need to adhere to contraception: for couples who do not intend to have children, intercourse should do an excellent job of contraception, avoid frequent abortions, abortion surgery will affect the health of the uterus, and can easily lead to endometriosis, but will increase the incidence of adenomyosis, do an excellent job of contraception to reduce the risk of abortion.


2. Women should avoid gynecological examination during menstruation: women should do an excellent job of gynecological examination, women should avoid menstruation when doing a gynecological exam, menstruation should not be gynecological examination; otherwise, it will damage the health of the uterus, which can easily lead to adenomyosis, women should do an excellent job of menstrual care, menstruation to avoid gynecological examination.


3. Avoid doing intrauterine surgery: uterine surgery can affect the health of the uterus. It can easily lead to the emergence of adenomyosis, so women should do an excellent job of protecting the uterus to avoid uterine disease, avoid doing uterine surgery. Otherwise, it is easy to induce gynecological diseases but also cause severe physical and mental harm.


Menstrual cramps are a common symptom of adenomyosis. Most patients experience menstrual discomfort, a sudden increase in menstrual flow, and prolonged periods, and the symptoms may vary depending on the patient's condition.


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